All you have to do is swear loyalty
Thu Sep 13, 2018 08:21

“Lovely,” Sylvia smiled, when Allegra agreed regarding the flowers.

It didn’t seem like Allegra had made many connection within her own year group, but what she lacked in useful information she more than made up for in status. She was close to the more senior Crotalus girls, who Sylvia had felt it hard to get in with but whose approval she desperately craved. Allegra was also the granddaughter of the Headmaster. Headmaster Brockert was not exactly someone Sylvia foresaw herself wanting to spend a lot of time with, he was grumpy and ridiculously old and seemed to hate just about everybody. But clearly he had power here, and if she could be preferred by his granddaughters, that would probably do a lot for her status.

“That sounds like a lovely way to spend the feast. Family is so important,” Sylvia smiled, “My brother is here, in Crotalus - he and Caitlin’s are roommates, along with the Callahan heir. And my very close cousin Nathaniel is in mine and Caitlin’s year, so you’ll have classes with him too. He’s in Teppenpaw - the diplomatic house,” she added, keen to emphasise the relevant and noble qualities of her cousin’s house. Sometimes Teppenpaw had a reputation for being soft, even though when you actually examined its house traits it didn’t say anything of the sort. It didn’t even say they were nice, just fair minded. ‘Fair minded’ didn’t have to mean going around being all sympathetic to Muggleborns and the like. Sylvia herself could be described as fair minded - she had been born better than other people, and therefore had nicer things and the right to act as she did. It was fair. It would be unfair if she wasn’t allowed pretty jewellery just cos other people’s families weren’t rich, when it wasn’t her fault that they weren’t and that she was.

“I’ll be sure to try to get to know your cousin too. We can have a little club of sorts, with the flowers as our emblem. That way, we’ll be able to identify who’s proper to sit with and that sort of thing much more easily. Us older girls can tell you who’s who, and which boys are proper company, that sort of thing. I know I’d have found that so helpful when I started. I mean, I’m sure you’ve got a head start on that, with so many family members here, but it’s always nice to make new connections, isn’t it?”

  • Thank you.Allegra (and Caitlin), Mon Sep 3 20:11
    As Sylvia ducked out of the room, Allegra felt puzzled. Sylvia had seemed pretty happy about meeting her so where was she going? Caitlin didn't know what was going on either but the fact that Allegra ... more
    • All you have to do is swear loyalty — Sylvia, Thu Sep 13 08:21
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