DH Skies
Head of House Speech
Sat Jan 19, 2019 07:53

As the feast faded away, Deputy Headmistress Skies made her way over to the Crotalus table to collect her new charges. Three boys and one girl. Three boys who would have to share a room (and, if Crotalus stereotypes were anything to go by, might never have been anything except the most important person in the world up until this point) and one girl who had seemed to freeze up in front of the crowd. She wondered which were going to give her the most headaches. She hoped it was none of them. In spite of people’s impressions of her house, they had been relatively trouble free. She supposed the big egos it tended to attract were balanced by the tendency to toe the line, inherent in the house’s traits. The fifth- no, sixth now - year boys had not, after all, killed each other. Yet.

She pointed out the prefects, and then stationed them along the line to prevent anyone from wandering off (again, not a likely issue), Selina took charge of the new first years, keeping them at the front with her and pointing out useful landmarks that they could use to navigate their way down to breakfast. As they approached the final corner, she gave them her customary forewarning.

“Around the next corner is a portrait of Gunther - the Inferus. That is, a reanimated corpse. He guards the entrance to Crotalus House. Whilst he is maybe not the most… scenic picture the school has, he has long done his job well. And, as he stands between you and your bed for the night, it would do you well to treat him politely.” She was never really sure that Gunther had understanding beyond the passwords but it didn’t hurt to try to instill some manners.

“This month’s password is Hellebore,” she announced, having rounded the corner and come to the picture, which swung open to admit them to a comfortable room decorated with rich velvets in dark red and silver.

“Welcome to Crotalus House. As you were told earlier, I am Deputy Headmistress Skies. However, you are all free to call me professor. I am head of Crotalus house and also teach Transfiguration.

“Some practicalities - passwords change monthly and are displayed on the notice board, alongside information about clubs. Quidditch is currently played as a whole school team, and notices about that are most likely to appear in Cascade Hall. Curfew is at ten and you are required to be back in the common room by then, and keep the noise down after that time. Girls dormitories are on the right and boys are on the left. If you get it wrong, the corridor will throw you back into the common room, not particularly gently.

“Houses represent your family here at school. This is the place you come back to for peace and quiet, to rest, and where you get to make yourself feel at home. Like any family, not everyone is going to get on perfectly with everyone else. However, every member of this house has as much right to enjoy the space quietly and peacefully as every other. You should all try to get along. When you find someone you cannot get along with, you still need to respect them.

“If you have any questions, you may come to me or any of the prefects I pointed out to you earlier. Does anyone have any questions now?” she asked.

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