When there’s time, sure.
Mon Jan 21, 2019 07:45

Jessica was surprised to hear her compromise about lunch shot down out of hand. The breaks between classes were long enough to eat a sandwich or chug a meal replacement shake in, so the only real function lunch served was a social one, and she was going to be too busy to deal with that anyway. Besides, it wasn’t as if she was going to be here long anyway. She’d get this magic stuff where she could stop doing it, and then she could get everything back on track. It was no different than recovering from a broken bone or any other injury that got in the way.

The briefest twitch in her cheek betrayed the effort it took not to laugh at the idea of being a mathematician, but it vanished at a question which felt like a polite version of are you an idiot. “The...stuff about this place said the schedules are - normally - only...unmovable for two years,” she explained herself. “I know it will be hard to work with the eighth graders in these classes, but - I can’t let this - condition be an excuse to get behind. Or any further behind. This has already thrown my schedule - my long schedule, from here to university - it’s already thrown it completely off.” She flushed, flustered at the thought.

“There are - plans,” she explained, looking plaintively up at the House mother. “I have plans. I want to be a writer, before I join the brand when I’m grown up - that’s why I need Spanish, Daddy does a lot of business in Latin America. I’ve got to do everything now so I can even qualify for the right programs later. I can’t just - I can’t think I’m going to do a good job without the right resume.”

  • Rule one, eatProfessor Skies, Mon Jan 21 06:32
    Professor Skies had had time to appraise herself briefly of the students’ files, and to learn which were not native English speakers, which were new to magic. Things she might need to know in order... more
    • When there’s time, sure. — Jessica, Mon Jan 21 07:45
      • And digest.Professor Skies, Thu Jan 24 06:15
        Selina had all sorts of things that she thought might be good advice for Jessica. Go read a book. Not an improving one, just a fun one. Or go play. Do the things a child should be doing instead of... more
        • Jessica relaxed visibly, almost smiling again for a few seconds, when she heard there was a precedent for continuing normal studies while here. Correspondence wasn’t ideal, and she still couldn’t... more
          • Selina knew enough about the Muggle world to, first and foremost, be able to vaguely understand the babble pouring forth from Jessica, and to also get from it that she was not necessarily your... more
            • But it’s not strictly necessary.Jessica, Thu Jan 31 16:29
              Jessica listened to the speech with almost-well-suppressed impatience, keeping it off her face but not able to keep it out of her eyes. Blither, blather, it’s important to be yourself and love... more
              • I'll decide what is and what isn'tProfessor Skies, Wed Feb 6 20:56
                Yelling at students for being idiots was almost always counterproductive. Often severely tempting, but counterproductive nonetheless. Selina reminded herself of this as Jessica declared a lack of... more
                • Spinning was not, Jessica thought, a particularly good description of what her head was doing right now. The room was tilting here and there, and she was tilting there and here, opposite, like she... more
                  • OOC - CW: poor/unhelpful reactions to anxiety. As most of Jessica’s panicking is internal and not visible, Selina’s method of dealing with her remains addressing what she can see on the surface... more
                    • I'd rather be anywhere but here.Jessica, Fri Feb 8 12:44
                      (CW: Another warning, pretty much whole post is a depiction of an anxiety attack.) IC Jessica’s grip on her arm was becoming painful, but it wasn’t steadying her up. At least, not enough. It was... more
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