There’s an automatic system to do that for me.
Thu Jan 24, 2019 13:13

Jessica relaxed visibly, almost smiling again for a few seconds, when she heard there was a precedent for continuing normal studies while here. Correspondence wasn’t ideal, and she still couldn’t quite process that there weren’t any other real classes she could take, but it was a place to start.

She frowned slightly, confused, when asked what she had been told. “Um, I remember a lot about blowing things up without meaning to,” said Jessica. “Daddy really got on board when he heard I might be a danger to electronics - there’s fragile equipment in our labs, and he’s always taken me to film sets where they use our products -“ this with a proper, genuine smile as she thought back on favorite memories - “and of course there’s the, um, plane. Yeah, that could be...bad if I accidentally broke that.” Her tone made it clear she was deliberately using severe understatement there.

“But yeah, Daddy agrees this isn’t, um, well - that maybe this isn’t a huge obstacle to me joining the brand one day. He thinks some of this might have some stuff in it that could help with another gen of our skincare lines, since you guys are, um, really into natural ingredients,” she phrased diplomatically. “But just to go into R&D I’d need to at least do a lot of chemistry in college, and Mommy would freak if I was only a chemist, she and Daddy both want me to be an executive someday, like Daddy and Great-Grandma, so I’ll have to get the MBA too, and then Mommy and I, we’ve both always wanted me to go to Iowa for an MFA, like Flannery O’Connor - so I’m supposed to go on an IB track in high school, at a good prep school, so I can get into a good university so I can even get into a decent business school, much less Iowa…”

Her voice had gone up, her words had sped up, and her color had increased over the course of this speech just thinking about all the pressure to succeed. Chemistry and practical work in that side of R&D had never been part of the plan. If they decided that fitting it in might be the best way to work around this situation, it could completely change which universities she could even consider. Since she had never wanted to do anything but major in English, get the MFA, and then write, it seemed awfully unfair to her that she might have yet something else to do along with that, since Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t just let her live off family money - the brand liked to go on about how Ariana Hayles had built it from the ground and la-di-da, and Mommy’s family was all about appearing to be humble public servants, so leaving her alone would go against both the family images.

A visor of black streaks, fragile threads lashed together with mascara to protect the eyes - her eyelashes were currently brown, but the image which had popped into her head seemed to work. She half-lowered her lashes, studying her nail varnish - shimmering pink gauntlets, maybe? But they only covered her fingertips, so she wasn’t sure she could work this line of thinking out to anything better than a helmet. Could she make a whole poem out of make-up being a helmet? Was a blazer a breastplate…?

She looked up again, still flushed but calmer after her momentary escape. “I have plans,” she repeated. “So, if you could just, um, get papers together about the correspondence courses, my parents will sign whatever, however we work them out, or Daddy could drop by on his way back from his next trip to the factory in Mexico, if that works better for you.”

  • And digest.Professor Skies, Thu Jan 24 06:15
    Selina had all sorts of things that she thought might be good advice for Jessica. Go read a book. Not an improving one, just a fun one. Or go play. Do the things a child should be doing instead of... more
    • There’s an automatic system to do that for me. — Jessica, Thu Jan 24 13:13
      • Selina knew enough about the Muggle world to, first and foremost, be able to vaguely understand the babble pouring forth from Jessica, and to also get from it that she was not necessarily your... more
        • But it’s not strictly necessary.Jessica, Thu Jan 31 16:29
          Jessica listened to the speech with almost-well-suppressed impatience, keeping it off her face but not able to keep it out of her eyes. Blither, blather, it’s important to be yourself and love... more
          • I'll decide what is and what isn'tProfessor Skies, Wed Feb 6 20:56
            Yelling at students for being idiots was almost always counterproductive. Often severely tempting, but counterproductive nonetheless. Selina reminded herself of this as Jessica declared a lack of... more
            • Spinning was not, Jessica thought, a particularly good description of what her head was doing right now. The room was tilting here and there, and she was tilting there and here, opposite, like she... more
              • OOC - CW: poor/unhelpful reactions to anxiety. As most of Jessica’s panicking is internal and not visible, Selina’s method of dealing with her remains addressing what she can see on the surface... more
                • I'd rather be anywhere but here.Jessica, Fri Feb 8 12:44
                  (CW: Another warning, pretty much whole post is a depiction of an anxiety attack.) IC Jessica’s grip on her arm was becoming painful, but it wasn’t steadying her up. At least, not enough. It was... more
                  • Not currently an optionProfessor Skies, Fri Feb 8 22:50
                    At first, it simply looked like someone had placed a freezing charm on Jessica. She had gone… overly still. And then- BANG. Selina jumped at the noise too. However much one was prepared for the fact... more
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