But it’s not strictly necessary.
Thu Jan 31, 2019 16:29

Jessica listened to the speech with almost-well-suppressed impatience, keeping it off her face but not able to keep it out of her eyes. Blither, blather, it’s important to be yourself and love yourself, et cetera et cetera and so forth - all very new age politically correct nonsense, as far as she could tell.

At least there was one promising word in the end.

“Usually,” she repeated. “But not always. Will letters from my old teachers help? If you’ll just let me call home, I can probably have those by the end of the week. I think Daddy is about to go out of town again, and Mommy will go see Grandpa, but the school knows my chauffeur and my nanny, they can probably get in touch with everyone...I know that liasion said we’re not allowed to talk to our parents while we’re here,” she added, flushing again, her voice cracking on the effort it took not to cry in front of a teacher at the thought. She had done everything right, always. She hadn’t done anything to deserve to be shipped off to the middle of nowhere, held against her will, and denied the right to even make a single phone call to her family. She thought most murderers in prison were still allowed to do that sometimes. Meanwhile, Jessica was being treated like she was in Guantanamo. “But there has to be some rule about talking to them in emergencies, and mine will agree this is one. They were promised that this was a good facility - I’d still get a good education while I’m here.” This was with a tone of slight reproach; she was still too close to tears to be completely composed outwardly.

  • Selina knew enough about the Muggle world to, first and foremost, be able to vaguely understand the babble pouring forth from Jessica, and to also get from it that she was not necessarily your... more
    • But it’s not strictly necessary. — Jessica, Thu Jan 31 16:29
      • I'll decide what is and what isn'tProfessor Skies, Wed Feb 6 20:56
        Yelling at students for being idiots was almost always counterproductive. Often severely tempting, but counterproductive nonetheless. Selina reminded herself of this as Jessica declared a lack of... more
        • Spinning was not, Jessica thought, a particularly good description of what her head was doing right now. The room was tilting here and there, and she was tilting there and here, opposite, like she... more
          • OOC - CW: poor/unhelpful reactions to anxiety. As most of Jessica’s panicking is internal and not visible, Selina’s method of dealing with her remains addressing what she can see on the surface... more
            • I'd rather be anywhere but here.Jessica, Fri Feb 8 12:44
              (CW: Another warning, pretty much whole post is a depiction of an anxiety attack.) IC Jessica’s grip on her arm was becoming painful, but it wasn’t steadying her up. At least, not enough. It was... more
              • Not currently an optionProfessor Skies, Fri Feb 8 22:50
                At first, it simply looked like someone had placed a freezing charm on Jessica. She had gone… overly still. And then- BANG. Selina jumped at the noise too. However much one was prepared for the fact... more
                • Breathe in and out slowly. What a brilliant suggestion! As if Jessica would not have thought to do that herself, had she been physically capable of doing so! As if that wasn’t what she wanted to be... more
                  • Let's take a break and try again laterDH Skies, Sun Feb 17 04:52
                    Gradually, Jessica’s sobs subsided and her breathing returned to normal. As she hadn’t been roughly pushed away, Selina waited, crouched beside her chair, with a hand lightly stroking her back. She... more
                    • A picture’s worth a thousand words.Jessica, Tue Feb 19 11:10
                      Carrot and stick. It was a very basic strategy, and - to Jessica’s indignation- it worked even when she knew it was what someone was doing to her. Breaking her down, then showing kindness and... more
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