Felipe de Matteo
I need popcorn.
Fri Feb 1, 2019 14:36

When Felipe had seen it, beautiful, blatant, pompous proof of insecurity, posted on the bulletin board in common room, he knew he wouldn't miss it for the world. So far, everyone in Crotalus was hilarious. He was enjoying himself tremendously, despite the ever-present boredom. He'd much rather be doing almost anything but socializing and tried to throw himself into his studies, which were also fairly boring. There were some things that were nice. Herbology was his favorite, potions was alright, and he was eagerly looking forward to classes in coming years.

Still, today was not the coming years yet, and he enjoyed these sort of hilariously bad get-togethers like concrete planning. When Arianna Tate introduced herself by her family name and location in the odd way that all these people seemed to think was important, he could hardly hold back a grin. This was going to be hilarious. He also made a mental note to observe Cleo James, as she'd been the first person he'd met in his house, other than Jeremy of course, and she was leading the Garden Club as far as he could tell. He suspected she would be a significant part of his Sonora years for now, and wanted to at least be reasonably polite with her.

Arianna introduced Cleo and the other prefect without the flurry of titles, and Felipe wondered if it was because they weren't as important in pureblood society, or weren't as important to Arianna Tate. Arianna's suggestion to perform in a more cultural manner almost made him laugh as well. He wondered what she'd think of the ballet folklórico or mariachi styles. Somehow, he doubted she'd be thrilled.

Still, he was a Crotalus through and through, and maintained a composed expression as he held all these thoughts inside his head. He was supposed to be kind after all and altruism was an important De Matteo value.

When he felt certain it was appropriate for him to speak up, Felipe called attention to himself by simply taking it. His voice was steady and strong for a boy of his age, even if it was high in its pre-pubescence.

"You've clearly put some thought into this," he began. "What are you thinking of in terms of cultural displays?" It was no secret that he was not from the United States and he didn't feel the need to clarify whether he was asking about different cultures, or whatever she thought "cultured people" should be like.

Remembering that he was supposed to be altruistic, he offered a polite smile to the perfect. "I'm happy to help however you need me, but my strengths lie with the logistical realm and I'm best suited to organizing, planning, and working with the behind-the-scenes work. I also play several instruments and sing. Let me know how I can help."

  • Crotalus Concert meetingArianna Tate, Fri Feb 1 05:44
    Even though she'd had a whole summer to deal with it, Arianna was still mad about not being on the Head Girl ballot. She was more deserving than anyone else in her year. It just wasn't fair, and... more
    • I need popcorn. — Felipe de Matteo, Fri Feb 1 14:36
      • VolunteeringWinston Pierce, Wed Feb 6 20:40
        The yearbook told Winston Pierce that he was the most Crotalus student of the school's Crotalus students. As such, he felt he had some stake in Crotalus' concert act about Crotalus. Unfortunately, in ... more
        • Well. This is fun...Cleo James, Thu Mar 7 06:53
          Cleo was a prefect. The staff thought she was good enough to be a prefect. Isaac thought so too. And she thought it would have been possible for her to believe that too, had being prefect come with... more
          • We all wish you weren't here eitherSylvia Mordue, Sat Mar 9 02:21
            Sylvia took her seat for the concert meeting, keeping her attention focussed primarily on Arianna Tate. There was no harm in Victor Callahan either, in fact he was perfectly pleasant to look at, but... more
            • Be niceConnor Priory, Mon Mar 11 03:55
              Even though Connor had not gotten prefect, he still was interested in being part of the concert. For one thing, it might be a chance to play his trombone. Secondly, his cousin Arianna was basically... more
              • I will to those who deserve itCaitlin Pierce, Mon Mar 18 15:46
                At first, Caitlin was not sure about joining in with the concert.She played the harp, but it was something she did on her own to relax. Spending time increasing the beauty in the world was something... more
                • Strategic choreography Jasmine Delachene, Thu Mar 21 09:28
                  Jasmine came to the concert meeting because she liked concerts and this was going to be her only one. Also, Peyton said she’d go, and Cleo was helping to run it, so she’d have at least two friends... more
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