Caitlin Pierce
I will to those who deserve it
Mon Mar 18, 2019 15:46

At first, Caitlin was not sure about joining in with the concert.She played the harp, but it was something she did on her own to relax. Spending time increasing the beauty in the world was something that put the third year's mind at ease.

However, Winston and Sylvia were both going to be involved so she decided to join in. Besides, their act would celebrate Crotalus values and those were the best values, the ones most worthy of celebrating. Okay being smart was generally a good thing, and she would have overall had a better view of Aladren if it wasn't their house, not to mention Topaz's revolting roommate. As for Teppenpaw there was such a thing as being too nice, they were nice to everyone even those who didn't deserve it. Crotali were far more sensible about people. And of course, Pecari values were nothing to celebrate and be proud of. Crotalus was undoubtably the best. Being respectable and proper was the most important thing to be.

And hopefully, this would also be something that contributed to the beauty in the world and counteract whatever shameful display Pecari would put on. Plus, if she was involved in something that celebrated Crotalus values, then maybe when her brother graduated, she would get the most representative of her house.

She took a seat next to her roommate as Arianna Tate started the meeting. Caitlin was honestly so relieved to have such a respectable person leading the meeting. The seventh year was a true role model for pureblood girls especially in Crotalus.

The third year resisted rolling her eyes when the first year boy spoke. Honestly, what Miss Tate meant should have been obvious. This was the house of being classy and refined so obviously she meant cultural in that way, not in different cultures from around the world.

And it was very nice of her brother to sort of attempt to pacify the boy. Whether or not the idea was one that truly went with their house values. However, then that half-veela spoke up and Caitlin had to resist the urge to roll her eyes once again. Honestly, why was she prefect in the first place? Connor Priory was a pureblood boy from a good family. He was Clifford Brockert's great-great-grandson or something. He should have gotten prefect-especially in Crotalus -over someone who wasn't even fully human.

And was out to seduce all the boys at Sonora. While men sometimes romanticised Veelas,women tended to see them for the threat that they were. Caitlin honestly worried that creature was going to work her wiles on all the good pureblood boys. That had to be it, Cleo's powers had influenced all the male staff members here.

Fortunately, Sylvia quickly put the fifth year in her place. Caitlin's roommate was pretty good at that. Thankfully, this time it was someone who was deserving on the end of it. Then Mr. Priory spoke and pointed out that not everyone played instruments and that multiculturalism was a Teppenpaw thing. "I agree." Caitlin said. "About multiculturalism. Maybe we should just play classical music without the multicultural bit. I'm assuming we're all looking for the sort of things members of society would attend." Except for Cleo and the first year boy, that was.

  • Be niceConnor Priory, Mon Mar 11 03:55
    Even though Connor had not gotten prefect, he still was interested in being part of the concert. For one thing, it might be a chance to play his trombone. Secondly, his cousin Arianna was basically... more
    • I will to those who deserve it — Caitlin Pierce, Mon Mar 18 15:46
      • Strategic choreography Jasmine Delachene, Thu Mar 21 09:28
        Jasmine came to the concert meeting because she liked concerts and this was going to be her only one. Also, Peyton said she’d go, and Cleo was helping to run it, so she’d have at least two friends... more
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