There's nothing enough money can't fix.
Wed Mar 20, 2019 17:53

Jessica saw the look, then saw it was directed at her hand. She flushed and instinctively hid the hand behind her, though it was too late to undo the damage.

There went another point. You keep losing every time you go against her. Daddy’s lucky to be rid of you -

She shut it out, trying to focus on anger. Anger was good; anger could push her though the worst spell of nerves, could shut down so many of the voices in her head, at least temporarily. Of course, there was always a price to pay for these intervals – later, she would spend ages obsessing over how she had made this mistake or that one, how she shouldn’t have said this or that, how this or that could absolutely derail everything beyond any hope of recovery; the spiral could even re-activate in her head, on and off, for the next few days – but it was better than dissolving again, or thinking about dissolving, or remembering how she’d dissolved last time….

However, anger kept slipping away, batted out of panic’s way by the ongoing barrage of life-ruining information coming out of the professor’s mouth. It was nothing to her that the woman apparently didn’t know math herself, or that she didn’t understand what a core curriculum was, or that she probably didn’t quite understand how corporations worked, if she thought it was even remotely a profitable idea for Jessica’s family to even attempt to do its own taxes. Skies and Row could live like peasants from the Renaissance forever without it making much difference to Jessica. But it was obvious that the woman’s mind was so very limited by her own lack of education and exposure to the world – there were many things that Jessica didn’t know, but knew about just from listening to her family talk, and these things, the things of the adult world, were the very things Skies was dismissing so casually – that there was no reasoning with her. It would be like trying to explain chemistry to – well – a peasant from the Renaissance. And the lawyers were helpless. And Daddy had either been unable to stop them from taking her away or hadn’t bothered to try –

If I can get him here, if he sees this, he’ll find a way. Or maybe they really are so backward that she’ll just jump the moment a man says ‘hop.’ But even if she doesn’t listen to Daddy, Daddy will get me out of here – he can get me out of the country, maybe. I don’t want to do that, either, but at least I can get some kind of education abroad. I could be Jessica Groves in school, or Rose Groves – no, you can’t call yourself Rose Groves, it sounds stupid – Jessica Groves in school – don’t people do that sometimes, if their parents want to protect them, but their records will still let them go to school?

Having a plan, however tenuous, calmed her a bit. Not entirely, since she didn’t actually have Daddy on board yet and was also terrified of the idea of yet another deviation from the plan which had kept her calm almost all her life, but enough.

“Of course – we – will have to talk to Daddy,” she said, only slightly choking on ‘we’ and trying to keep any enthusiasm out of her voice. If they realized how very much she wanted to speak to her father, they’d never let her, and it would be much easier for Daddy to get her out if she could just get into the same room as him without anyone getting in the way. “He knows about the business side of the plan more than I do.” Jessica just knew what she had to do; Daddy knew all the whys. Jessica hardly concerned herself with those, as it didn’t matter. She didn’t need to know why, just to follow the plan, so everyone would be happy with her and she could therefore relax a little.

  • And yet the cracks are showingDH Skies, Tue Mar 19 07:49
    "I would recommend neither strangling anyone nor setting a pack of lawyers on them. Especially as that would involve trying to convince your lawyers that wizards are real,” Selina stated, the angle... more
    • There's nothing enough money can't fix. — Jessica, Wed Mar 20 17:53
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