Jasmine Delachene
Strategic choreography
Thu Mar 21, 2019 09:28

Jasmine came to the concert meeting because she liked concerts and this was going to be her only one. Also, Peyton said she’d go, and Cleo was helping to run it, so she’d have at least two friends there to share it with.

The direction of the concert plan quickly moved toward a classical music act. She supposed that was quite respectable, and fit in ideally with the traditional idea of a ‘concert’ - and Crotalus did rather value traditions, so that was all well and good, but as Connor pointed out that multiculturalism was a Teppenpaw thing, Jasmine couldn’t help thinking Crotalus did count for more than just tradition and respectability.

But what could they do that encompassed sensibility and good strategic planning? Rule abiding kind of went hand in hand with following traditions, so she thought a standard concert act would satisfy that part.

“The people who don’t play an instrument could do a choreographed dance routine to accompany the classical music,” she suggested. “That would show we can make plans and coordinate complex moves. I have some dance experience for that.” And she watched Dancing With The Stars religiously when she was home, which was basically a primer course in choreography.

She still didn’t have any idea how to incorporate being sensible or down to earth into their act, but she was also aware these were traits where she herself fell short of the House Ideal. Not that she was nonsensical, but she was aware of - if not concerned by - the fact that most people did not consider wearing princess dresses on Saturdays to be practical.

In her own defense, though, it was certainly more practical to wear them on the weekends than to, for example, potions class.

“So Classical Music satisfies respectability and tradition and kind of hints at following the rules. Choreographed dance would be our strategic planning. How can we bring in practical sense? Once we have that, we should have all of the core Crotalus values covered.”

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    • Strategic choreography — Jasmine Delachene, Thu Mar 21 09:28
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