Felipe De Matteo
No, I find gaining a new one enjoyable.
Fri Apr 12, 2019 16:30

Felipe wasn't sure why it made him so uncomfortable when Jessica pushed her blanket aside to talk to him. It was like she was about to stand up really fast and he wasn't sure what he was expected to do. She didn't look hot, which would be understandable. It also felt ... Vulnerable. She'd been asleep and now she was just out in the world. It was like poking a squishy clam after enticing it to open its own shell for him.

"Late," he shrugged, not too sure of the time himself. He wasn't sure exactly where Georgia was (his U.S. geography having been much less important than knowing where Guadalajara or Tijuana or Oaxaca were. Major trading cities and major tourist cities were important. Major magical cities even more so. "I'm glad you were able to rest. I didn't mean to wake you," he offered by way of sympathy.

Not entirely sure whether it was appropriate now to sit down and read his book, he held it up instead, nodding with a sheepish grin. "No, I can't," he admitted. "You've caught me."

Jessica seemed ... Frazzled. She needed something from the world and she wasn't getting it, and whether it was entitlement or fear, there was something sparking flames in her wide eyes. "Would you like some company?" he asked, satisfied that this was socially acceptable and also that it was late and a little break in decorum might do them both some good. "I might have food in my trunk if you're hungry," he added.

At home, there were people available anytime he wanted food, and if that was impolite or selfish, then he would make his own midnight snack. Sonora provided no such option and he had long since been in the habit of stashing cans and boxes and bags of food in his trunk in the dorm. If nothing else, it made study snacking a little more convenient.

  • Jessica jumped, too, at the sound of another human voice, and while she did not outright scream, she did gasp a little before she regained her composure. What there was of it to be regained. She... more
    • No, I find gaining a new one enjoyable. — Felipe De Matteo, Fri Apr 12 16:30
      • I liked my old one rather well.Jessica, Sun Apr 14 15:01
        "Oh, no," protested Jessica when Felipe apologized for waking her. "I woke up a minute ago, you didn't wake me up." She looked at his book as he held it up. The light was not bright, but she thought... more
        • Adventure awaits, my friend. Fear not.Felipe De Matteo, Sat Apr 20 15:43
          Felipe beamed at Jessica when she said she wouldn't mind some food, and held up a finger to tell her to wait just a moment. Bounding back up the stairs in his socks, making as little noise as... more
          • ...Friend?Jessica, Sun Apr 21 20:54
            Jessica had to admit, she was slightly impressed by the sheer variety of food Felipe managed to produce from his room at a moment's notice. It was almost all sweet, one way or another, but it was... more
            • Absolutely!Felipe De Matteo, Mon Apr 22 17:04
              OOC - Italicized dialogue in Spanish unless otherwise noted. IC - Felipe supposed it made sense that there were people from other parts of the world who had had mango. He suspected it wasn't half as... more
              • So my new identity has friends. That’s good.Jessica , Tue Apr 23 06:07
                ”Yes, ” said Jessica, thinking back on trips she had taken with her father and willing herself not to cry yet again. It grew so tiresome, crying, and she would exhaust her stash of eye cream before... more
                • I can't guarantee the plural, but you've got me. Felipe De Matteo, Mon Apr 29 21:06
                  Felipe nodded, understanding. He and his sister hadn't fought when he'd been home for the break, but they didn't always get along either. "I wouldn't normally say such things," he murmured, prefacing ... more
                  • It's a good start.Jessica, Tue Apr 30 19:39
                    "I wouldn't normally say such things." There was a slightly discomfiting phrase. Jessica felt a flash of anxiety. What about finding out that she had had a fight with Mara - someone who Felipe knew... more
                    • Well . . . this is a start at least. Felipe De Matteo, Wed May 1 17:56
                      Sonora was an odd place. Or perhaps America was. In any case, people here were so odd. What good was trying to be nice to people for manipulative purposes if it never did any good? Why was everyone... more
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