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Gia and Jax Donovan
A sibling confesses
Mon Aug 15, 2016 18:44

Gia nervously paced around the bench as she waited for her brother to show. She had sent him an owl a few days after Sammy’s confession to her regarding the letter she had sent to Joella asking him to meet her in the gardens while everyone else was at the Quidditch finale. She felt like this would be the best time to talk to him about things without any real fear of being overheard. Of course, her conversation with him would all be in Greek, so no one would really know what they were talking about anyway, but she wanted to take the extra precaution just in case.

“Hey.” Jax greeted as he rounded the corner and found her (he had taken a few turns in the opposite direction as her note hadn’t been all that specific). “What’s with the secrecy?” He asked his younger sister.

“I have to talk to you about something and I didn’t want anyone to hear me.” She said quietly, taking a seat on the bench and gesturing for her brother to be the same. “I was wondering… is it normal for girls to like other girls?” She asked him. After Sammy had told her that she had been too afraid to send the letter to Joella in her own name, Gia had figured out that her best friend had feelings for the older Pecari. The surprise that filled Gia was quickly followed by confusion and uncertainty. If Sammy liked girls, than it was okay?

Jax gave his sister a bemused look when she asked him that question. He had no idea here it had come from or why it was even relevant. “I wouldn’t say normal.” He stated after some thought. “Why do you ask?” He watched his sister closely and saw a slight change in her when he said that it wasn’t normal. Her body deflated slightly and her eyes nervously shifted about. Jax frowned. Gia, even on her more emotional days, was never distraught. “Gia.” He said firmly to get her to answer him.

“I think I might like them.” She whispered, her voice strained and tears filling her eyes. “I do not mean to.” She added helplessly. Jax remained quiet for quite some time as he mulled over what she had just confessed to him. She liked girls. Jax didn’t think there was anything wrong with such a thing, but their mother might think differently. She was accepting of Sammy’s parents though, who Jax knew were two women. But would she be of her own daughter? “I like boys too.” Gia said suddenly when the silence had gone on too long for her nerves to take. “I think about both of them.”

“Gia, it doesn’t really matter.” Jax finally said. Really, he realized, it didn’t. She could like any one or no one and Jax knew that he and their mother would support her. They had dealt with far too much prejudice and injustice to be anything other than supportive. “It’s not conventional, but since when has our family ever been such a thing?” He asked, looking at his little sister and giving her a smile.

“But…” She stammered, her blue eyes wide with uncertainty but also with hope.

“Girls, boys, Vampire, or Werewolf, love whoever you want. I certainly have no place to tell you it’s not okay.” Jaxx said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her in for a half hug. He heard Gia giggle. “Girl or boy though, if they break your heart, I’ll eat them alive.” He warned, an old joke he had with his mother and Gia. Gia was quiet for a moment while she thought over what he had told her.

“But it’s still weird that I like both?” She asked.

“Aren’t we a group of weird misfits anyway?” He asked her. She smiled. She adored her friends, although they were one less now for reasons unknown to her. “Is that all you had to tell me?” Jax asked.

“Sammy knows that there’s something you aren’t telling.” Gia added, thinking it was as good a time as any to break that news to him.

“Yes, we talked about it. She said she won’t ask anymore.” Jax replied, looking sour. He didn’t want to think about any of that right now. “She’ll eventually find out, but I’d rather it be later rather than sooner.” Gia nodded, but didn’t comment. The two sat in silence for a moment before Jax stood up and pulled her up with him. “Come on, we have a game to cheer on.” He mused. “I’m surprised you haven’t started a cheer club or something. I’m sure Sammy and Joella would appreciate that support.”

“There’s always next year.” She mumbled, although she was already preparing a club for next year with Sammy. But cheering and supporting friends was always fun to do too.

OOC: Discussion of what transpired between Sammy and Gia was discussed with her author. Also, please remember that everything spoken between them is in Greek so anyone listening in isn’t likely to know what they are saying.

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