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Ayla Tremaine
And now the fun begins!
Sun Sep 18, 2016 00:40

It had been harder to say her goodbyes than Ayla had imagined. Mostly because Aurelia was crying and clinging to her while Mother tried to settle a fight between Milo and Lenn, and Declan was crying because he was three. Not exactly the type of image you want to portray in front of a crowd of people, so it was for the best that Ayla’s father drove her to the wagon pick up point alone. He always seemed to be working, so it was nice to be able to spend a little time together, even if they didn't say much.

“Mind your manners, learn a lot, and don't forget the rules.” He'd said as he hugged his oldest child and sent her off to Sonora. Father had also given Ayla a gold locket in the shape of a heart. The idea was that every time she looked at it she'd think of the family, and how much they loved her.

She was wearing it now, as she prepared to step foot on Sonora grounds for the first time. She'd waited until most of the other students filed out of the wagon, and gathered her composure before stepping out and into the clearing with the other students.

Ayla decided to wear a swingy mint green dress that hit just below her knee. The top was floral lace with a gauzy illusion yoke and short cap sleeves, while the bottom was woven faille. She'd worried that it was a little too dressy for the occasion, but her mother insisted, plus it had pockets which supposedly made it more casual. The brown strappy sandals she wore helped too, and showed off the french tip pedicure she'd gotten with her mother the day before. Her flaxen hair was in loose curls that fell to her mid back, and she was allowed to wear clear mascara and lip gloss.

She brushed her hair back from her face and allowed her green eyes to scan the gardens, and her classmates. A few people had paired off, some were exploring the snack table, and soon Professor Xavier was welcoming them and explaining about the school. The more she heard, the more excited she became. Mother had instructed her to get as much as she could out of her time at Sonora, which included clubs and activities. There was so much potential for networking and building relationships!

It wasn't easy to figure out who was who based on appearances, but one could usually tell a pureblood by the way they introduced themselves. The Tremaines weren't against knowing people of other blood statuses, so it wouldn't do Ayla any harm to just be nice. As the speech wrapped up, she noticed how dry the air was compared to the Bay area. Hydration was an important part of good skin, so she headed to the snack table for some water. She noticed a girl in a really cute dress as she approached and smiled at her as she grabbed a glass of water.

Kit Reid was her name, and from the way she spoke and her lipgloss, Ayla had a feeling that she could get along with this girl. She had a plan when it came to making friends, girls her age first, and then boys. Because what fun would it have been to make friends with boys if you didn't have girlfriends to discuss them with?

“Floo is the worst.” She said with a smile. “I'm Ayla Tremaine, of the Palo Alto Tremaines. My journey wasn't nearly as long as yours. I can't imagine being in that wagon all the way from Connecticut! I love your dress, by the way. Do you think you'll join any clubs?” She asked, taking a sip of water as she let her gaze wander around the clearing before turning back to Kit.

“Which house do you think you'll be in?” She asked with excitement in her voice. “I'm personally hoping for Crotalus.”

  • Finally ArrivingKit Reid, Fri Sep 16 17:08
    Before getting off the wagon, Kit pulled a compact mirror out of her small, white handbag. Holding up the mirror, she made sure no hairs were out of place and fixed her white headband. Pulling her... more
    • And now the fun begins! — Ayla Tremaine, Sun Sep 18 00:40
      • It should be interestingKit, Mon Sep 19 19:47
        “It was terrible! Part of me wished that my parents had sent me to a school on the East coast, however, they thought this would be better so that I could meet new people.” It went without saying that ... more
        • I definitely hope so!Ayla, Wed Sep 21 02:16
          “Welcome to the Southern United States, where it rarely gets below 40 degrees.” Ayla said with a smile. “I’ve heard that Connecticut is really pretty though, and you guys get snow. We don't get snow... more
          • New Friend. :)Kit, Thu Sep 22 00:13
            “Oh, it is so pretty, especially at Christmas! We put up twelve different trees and have a huge party. My dad always hires performers to put on a production of the Nutcracker and we have absolutely... more
            • Friends forever! Ayla, Thu Sep 22 13:31
              Ayla couldn’t see a reason for her parents to object to her visiting Kit in Connecticut over the holiday. She was so excited, and hoped that they would let her. How lucky was it that she and Kit... more
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