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Salali Bly
What is a Texas?
Sun Sep 18, 2016 15:55

The wagon ride was bouncy. Salali liked it, bouncing along with each hop. She had never been on anything like this--she’d only discovered cars recently, and this was even more special than those!--so this was really something wonderful for her. There were older kids on the wagon too, teenagers who dressed and talked funny. She supposed that maybe she was the funny one, but that didn’t stop her from scooching over and striking up conversation with anyone who would reply.

They arrived at the school, and Salali said goodbye to her newfound friends, bounding merrily in the direction that looked the most exciting. Conveniently, that direction happened to be the one she was supposed to go to, with a biiiiig banner that welcomed her. Salali liked feeling welcome. It was a fun, new experience.

The nice-looking man called for their attention, and Salali laughed a little. Her attention was a bit of a hot commodity, especially in such an overwhelmingly exciting situation. Not to confuse: she could focus when she was interested in one particular thing, but there was just so much all around her! She did manage to get the gist of what he said: tour of the school, magic classes, tests, clubs, something about houses and roommates. That was her favorite part. She liked roommates. She’d been alone for a very long time, so when she had gotten to live with other little girls at the foster homes, she had been very excited. This would be like that, but even more fun because she got to use the Magics.

She didn’t really get the whole thing. A nice man had come and talked to her about it. He took her shopping for school supplies, and Salali had been so happy that she held his hand most of the adventure. It was fun. She liked that nice man.

So far, she liked this nice man too, this Mr. Xavier Professor Xavier. She didn’t have much of a sense for how long an hour was, but she was already eager for the tour and hoped an hour wasn’t a very long time. For now, though, she could at least console herself with sweets. Salali didn’t have much experience with them, but any child of any upbringing could identify cookies when they saw them.

She was halfway through her third when somebody talked to her. “Ishgood,” she tried to answer through her cookie mouth. But she couldn’t even understand herself, so there wasn’t much way this kid could. She swallowed and tried again. “The cookie is very good!” she grinned happily, crumbs dotting her chin. Her voice, while loud, was also very crisp, her speech an obvious effort, like she hadn’t grown up speaking English and now, when she knew it, was overcompensating. (Because she was.) “I am Salali! My trip was nice. How was yours? Where do you come from?”

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