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I'm glad you ask
Mon Sep 19, 2016 01:46

Auntie Moira would not be pleased with the girl that stood before Magnus, having always had an aversion to messy children for about as long as the boy could remember. Luckily for everyone, Auntie Moira was far away in Texas, along with her ideas about how young ladies and gentlemen should act like small adults. And even though Mag loved all his cousins, he thought that it was very lucky that Auntie Moira had no kids of her own.

While Magnus did not share his Aunt’s ideas about propriety - he had everything to do with his little sister’s current interest in all things bugs - the first year was thrown off by his classmate’s complete lack of concern with first impressions. Gramps had always told the children how important it was to make an excellent first impression. That is why he usually greeted guests to the Ranch from atop his biggest flying Abraxan, Misty.

“Well, I believe you,” he nodded, grabbing a chocolate chip cookie for himself and taking a bite. Crispy on the outside, melty on the inside. Awesome. He wouldn’t starve at his new school after all.

His accomplice’s accent and name were both very unlike the way the people he knew spoke, but again, compared to here that was a very small community. This was an idea that did not sit well with him. Mag disliked the idea that the world he knew where the Graphorns were Very Important was currently limited to a single state. But then, that was the goal of the adventure, now wasn’t it? Time to be pleasant, and make himself known. Piece of cake.

“Not bad at all,” he observed in his smooth way, “Pretty short trip compared to some, I expect. I am from Texas.” He added that last bit with pride. Mag had been disappointed to see that there were not many other students on his wagon from the southwest transportation center. For a state as big as Texas, he’d been expecting a better showing. As wagon after wagon arrived in the gardens, he was surprised by how many students kept pouring out. Where did they all come from?

“How about you?” he asked, genuinely curious, “Where are you from?”

It was a very big country. Though he had gone on vacations with his family outside of the state, he was starting to suspect that visiting was going to be very different from actually living with people from all over. Even more bizarre, there would be kids from a big variety of families. There had been the occasional Muggleborn that had been taken into the Dallas wizarding community when he was growing up. They were always grateful to finally find a community, a people that could show them the way to controlling their power. It must be a pretty big shock for those who didn’t know they had magic to finally learn, and then on top of that be whisked away to a magical boarding school. They had so much to learn. Mag almost felt bad for them. As a future leader of their community someday, it would be his responsibility to take in the Muggleborns of the surrounding communities and assimilate them into his culture. Perhaps it was a good thing to meet some here, so he would know what he would need to teach them someday.

  • What is a Texas?Salali Bly, Sun Sep 18 15:55
    The wagon ride was bouncy. Salali liked it, bouncing along with each hop. She had never been on anything like this--she’d only discovered cars recently, and this was even more special than those!--so ... more
    • I'm glad you ask — Magnus, Mon Sep 19 01:46
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