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It should be interesting
Mon Sep 19, 2016 19:47

“It was terrible! Part of me wished that my parents had sent me to a school on the East coast, however, they thought this would be better so that I could meet new people.” It went without saying that meeting new people meant making new connections with the right people. “But I already love how warm it is here. Back home, I would have had to have a light sweater.”

With Ayla’s introduction, Kit smiled with approval. The mere statement signaled that she was someone that her parents would most likely approve of. She wondered if her parents had already heard of the Tremaine family and made a mental note to ask them later. After all, any information obtained could prove valuable later.

“Oh, thank you!” Kit exclaimed. She shimmied a little to show off the dress. “I love yours too! I wasn’t sure if this side of the country was doing the same sort of style or not. I was reading Fashion Witch and it said the classic dress was in everywhere. Of course, accessories were personalized.” She touched the pearls around her neck. It was obvious to anyone that knew about jewelry that they were real since they weren’t all completely perfect.

Following suit, Kit picked up a water and took a sip. It gave her a moment to pause before she continued on, her thoughts running ahead of her. “It sounds like there a lot of clubs to choose from. If there’s Fashion Club, I might join that.” It may have sounded slightly superficial, but she did enjoy Fashion and she read all of the magazines. Though, she would have loved to join a brainy type club as well. She wasn’t sure if it would be approved of or not since in certain societal areas, being female and being smart weren’t necessarily approved of. However, she had recently read that some areas were becoming a little more progressive. “Are you going to join any?”

“Oh, um,” she twirled a lock of blonde hair around her finger. She had given quite a bit of thought to which House she wanted to be in and she was torn between two. “Crotalus, definitely.” She silently added, ’Or Aladren.’. Each one had its advantages. If she were to be in Crotalus, then maybe she would be popular and be able to make the connections her parents would approve of. However, if she were Aladren, then she could be free to learn and express the nerdy thoughts that she sometimes had. She felt like she might not be judged as much being around people more like her.

Kit glanced around at the other students. “Do you know anyone here?” It was mostly an invitation to gossip about the other students and to gauge what Ayla’s opinions on the others were so far. She didn’t want to make a mistake by saying anything about someone that she might know or who could belong to a prominent.

  • And now the fun begins!Ayla Tremaine, Sun Sep 18 00:40
    It had been harder to say her goodbyes than Ayla had imagined. Mostly because Aurelia was crying and clinging to her while Mother tried to settle a fight between Milo and Lenn, and Declan was crying... more
    • It should be interesting — Kit, Mon Sep 19 19:47
      • I definitely hope so!Ayla, Wed Sep 21 02:16
        “Welcome to the Southern United States, where it rarely gets below 40 degrees.” Ayla said with a smile. “I’ve heard that Connecticut is really pretty though, and you guys get snow. We don't get snow... more
        • New Friend. :)Kit, Thu Sep 22 00:13
          “Oh, it is so pretty, especially at Christmas! We put up twelve different trees and have a huge party. My dad always hires performers to put on a production of the Nutcracker and we have absolutely... more
          • Friends forever! Ayla, Thu Sep 22 13:31
            Ayla couldn’t see a reason for her parents to object to her visiting Kit in Connecticut over the holiday. She was so excited, and hoped that they would let her. How lucky was it that she and Kit... more
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