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We'll get over it together.
Mon Sep 19, 2016 21:00

“I might join some clubs. I’m not really sure yet. I wasn’t in any back home, because we were usually doing some sort of event at church or community service,” Sawyer replied before stuffing another pretzel in his mouth. He was always involved in activities revolving around the church, but that might have had to do with the fact that his dad was a pastor. Because of how much time was spent there, Sawyer considered it one of his three homes. The other two involved his actual home and the restaurant that his family owned. It was great cause they always ate there after service. They even had their own booth.

“Maybe I’ll join Baking Club. I’ve done some cooking and baking.” Of course, everything he ever made was with help and only simple dishes to serve a lot of people like pastas and soups, but he did enjoy doing it. Plus, maybe if he learned more his mom would let him out at the restaurant. That would be awesome!

“Quidditch is probably what everyone will be joining though and I love going to games. Maybe I’ll try out for that.” He did love watching Quidditch, but he wasn’t sure if he would actually be good at the sport. He was a bit uncoordinated at the moment. It didn’t seem like he was always this way though. It seemed to have come on only recently as his limbs seemed longer than he actually needed.

He paused. She had said about homework. “Do you think we’ll get a lot of homework?” Who would remind him about doing homework? His parents, especially his mom, always nagged him about doing his homework. What if he forgot to do his assignments? Maybe he should start writing down things and trying to be a little more organized. He would have to try and remember to do that.

Sawyer looked at her with wide, innocent eyes hidden under a tousle of blonde hair, as if such a thought had never occurred to him. “My dad always told me to be honest.” It was said in such an open way that there was no hidden agenda in the statement. He was simply a good boy whose fault was that there was a little too much truth in his statement. Of course, Flo was trying to be helpful and she was probably right. Everyone was in the same boat so to say. “Since it’s already out there, why don’t we try being awkward together?”

  • Same here.Florence Newell, Sat Sep 17 16:21
    The wagon ride was surprisingly bumpy. Flo had expected something more gracious of their transportation, given the school’s highly wealthy population, but no. Not that she was complaining (or really... more
    • We'll get over it together. — Sawyer, Mon Sep 19 21:00
      • That sounds like a planFlorence, Fri Sep 23 03:39
        The mention of church was, for some reason, a bit unexpected, but Flo couldn’t say she held it against Sawyer. If anything, it was an odd comfort. The Newells were not horribly religious, some fairly ... more
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