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Caelia Lucan
Making a choice.
Tue Sep 20, 2016 23:14

Caelia was so distracted on the wagon ride from the Massachusetts to Arizona that she barely even noticed that another Pierce had joined the ranks of Sonora students and only nodded a brief hello to Aiden, Araceli, and Liac who she’d had classes with the previous two years but would now move on to Advanced lessons. They exchanged brief pleasantries as they usually did—even though the four of them were not particular friends, there was a certain level of amiability that arose from taking a long, tiring journey with the same group of people four times a year for four years. However, Aiden and Liac were wizards and Matthew had already made clear to her what he thought of her male friendships and Araceli was a rather quiet, shy witch. Caelia had no desire to make her feel uncomfortable by forcing conversation—besides, she’d heard all that had happened to Araceli’s best friend’s family and thought that the older witch might want some time to herself rather than have her life and friendship pried into.

Listening to Aiden and Liac talk, however, Caelia felt very frustrated. She didn’t understand why it was such a big deal that she stay away from the other wizards in her year and the surrounding years. Alistair had been her friend from almost the first day of Sonora and although she hadn’t talked to Jack much until the previous year, they’d always held some sort of mutual affection for each other because of their older siblings and now were, in Caelia’s opinion, quite good friends. She didn’t know how much either of them would want to talk to her now, though. After Matthew had expressed his frustration with her friendships, Caelia had been hesitant to write them in case she angered him further and so had slowly stopped with the letters. How she would face them at the Opening Feast or in class, she didn’t quite know.

She really liked Matthew, but having him in her life was making things really complicated. There were so many rules to their relationship—rules he had enforced and rules she had enforced. Since Caelia knew Grandmother Viviane wouldn’t approve of her friendship with the squib becoming anything more than friendly, Caelia had insisted that Matthew take another blonde witch out around town a couple nights and he had chosen Saide from the tea shop. A year older than Matt, Saide was nearly eighteen and absolutely gorgeous. She had the kind of hair that made every other witch envious and Caelia was convinced that the older witch would have won best looking in Caelia’s stead had she attended Sonora. Besides, there were rumors that Matthew and Saide had been caught doing more than kissing behind the apothecary, and although Matthew had assured her that these were just rumors, she still felt uneasy.

Perhaps it was her dodging him and her insistence that they never hold hands in public or act as though they were anything more than childhood friends in public that kept Matthew from showing up that morning to say goodbye like he’d promised to do the night before. She had stalled until the last possible minute, sure that he would show up under the lilac trees for one last goodbye any minute, but he had never came and so she had taken off the precious charm bracelet Emrys had given her for her thirteenth birthday, and clipped it to a branch so that Matthew would know that she had waited.

Caelia absent-mindedly reached down to play with the bracelet as had become a nervous habit when she was uneasy, but of course it wasn’t there and so she just felt all the more anxious as she stepped off the Northeastern wagon and spotted Alistair Johnson of the Arizona Johnsons getting off the Southwestern wagon. She had never understood why the students from Arizona had to take a wagon since the school was located in Arizona but had put it down under the list of things that she would never understand because she wasn’t, as Matthew said, a smart witch. She felt really torn, unsure if she should go talk to him or ignore him and make her way to her room where she would be safe with Kelsey, a witch and therefore someone that Matthew thought was okay for her to talk to.

She had just made up her mind to act as though she hadn’t seen him at all, when a student standing near him moved and she was able to get a clear look at his face. All previous thoughts were lost as her stomach flipped and her her heart rushed with feelings of concern and worry. “Ali, hi!” she called, walking towards him, putting her hand on his arm gently when she got to where he was to turn him fully to face her. She dropped his arm and her hand fluttered involuntarily towards her open mouth. “What happened to you?” she asked, her already gentle voice coming out even softer. Caelia’s forehead puckered and her eyes moved back and forth over his face as though it would tell her something.

OOC: Alistair’s bruise, although not explicitly mentioned in his wts was confirmed by the author in chatzy.

Note: Saide is pronounced [say-də]

    • Sounds like a no-brainer.Alistair Johnson, Wed Sep 21 08:30
      Alistair had been accused of many things by many different people and some of them he could agree with. He had grown aware that specific people in his life had found him careless, or at least too... more
      • You'd be surprised.Caelia, Mon Sep 26 14:45
        Alistair’s words caused a slight blush to rise in Caelia’s cheeks. Ali was such a proper young gentlewizard and he would surely find Matthew to be a dishonorable aspect of Caelia’s life. She hated to ... more
        • “I’ve had worse,” Alistair smiled, not referring to fights because getting into those was not normal behaviour for him but instead thinking back to the immense pain he’d suffered after that bludger... more
          • I wouldn't have it any other way.Caelia, Fri Oct 7 22:15
            Caelia didn’t quite remember the Quidditch injuries Alistair had suffered earlier in his career and so his words concerned her. Was her friend one of those wizards to get in fights a lot? From their... more
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