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Kir McLeod
Definitely experiencing new things
Wed Sep 21, 2016 01:17

Kir stretched, working the crick out of his neck after the long wagon ride from the east coast. So. Here he was. School. The thought of it was mostly exciting. It was an adventure he felt he’d been preparing for most of his life - being thrown into this big melting pot of people from all different backgrounds, and negotiating that as best he could. To be fair, most of his life he’d been mingling with all sorts, there was just one exception here that he had rarely dealt with in person… Society Purebloods. At least, those still clinging to their families’ outdated views. He’d met plenty of the type who’d given up on them.

He wondered what they would make of him. He imagined they would write him off as someone of little importance unless he chose to educate them on his background. He doubted many of his classmates were memorising the annals of ‘Historic Magical Families of Great Britain and Northern Island.’ According to this volume, his family had become extinct when the two children of the main McLeod line ‘disappeared,’ and the family’s home passed to a line of cousins. Even in the unlikely event that they were familiar with that particular volume, there was little reason for them to connect him with those McLeods. After all, it wasn’t an unheard of surname outside their family - he wouldn’t say it was common but there were people who possessed it without being related - and, after all, the book said that his father and his aunt had ‘disappeared,’ not run away, set up homes in Boston and Vermont, and founded a charity to help other Purebloods who wanted to do the same. The McLeod Foundation had its fingers in a number of pies, all relating to civil rights, and it was just about possible that others would have heard of them from that, and might think to query or connect him to it. They were unafraid of lobbying for their causes, and the charity’s name ended up in the papers a good deal. He doubted that Pureblood families were broadcasting to their children that there were people willing to help them in the event of their disownment, but they might be familiar with them as those ‘crazy liberals’ who got entangled in bills relating to women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, minority rights and so on.

Kir was one of the last to assemble, having come from so far away, and there wasn’t much time to mingle before the welcoming speech. A lot of the information was standard, regardless of where one went to school, be it Hogwarts, Salem or Sonora. There were four houses, there were core subjects and electives, there were exams in fifth and seventh year. He even knew some of the Sonora-specific details, such as the subjects, and house names and characters, having read the school literature. The point of most interest was the clubs. ‘Extra curricular activities’ had been mentioned but he supposed that, as they were run by students, it wasn’t easy to keep the list up to date. It was exciting to know that there were wider options than ‘Quidditch’ or ‘spectating Quidditch.’ Not that he was against doing either of these things… He probably wouldn’t sign up unless really needed but he would definitely support his house. It was just nice to know there were other options. Personally, he liked the sound of being a library monitor and a member of the book club…

Once they were free to mingle, he made his way over to the maps. He was tempted by the snack table too but it seemed fairly busy at present. This probably added to the general air of seriousness that Kir gave off. Though he was generally friendly and open, he tended to have more on his mind than the average eleven year old. He was rather aware of all the injustices the world had to offer - more from trying to save it from them than personal experience - and tended to think a lot about the meanings and impacts of his actions, and it showed in his eyes. For now, they were busily scanning his new environment, taking everything in, but when they weren’t doing that, his thoughts turned inwards. ‘Vacant’ was rarely a term that would be used to describe Kir’s expression. His clothes also gave the image of someone quite proper and tidy. Although his father had left the rigours of the Pureblood world behind, this had not resulted in a huge diversification in the available boys’ clothes, merely widening the selection from slacks and polo shirts to include jeans and t-shirts. However, his father hadn’t really seen it worth the minimal effect to change his lifelong habits - tastes which had, naturally, passed to the younger generation, and which meant that Kir was sporting neat grey trousers and a maroon polo shirt. With his blond-brown hair neatly combed, he looked every inch the respectable young man.

It wasn’t long before one of his classmates joined him. The other boy introduced himself in the standard Pureblood way, and Kir tried not to stiffen. Even though they didn’t agree with Pureblood values, he didn’t want to upset anybody… His dad had explained to him before he left that asking for help was sometimes hard; that was magnified who knew how many times over if you didn’t like the person you had to ask. Who knew which of his Pureblood yearmates might consider making a move in the future that would require his family’s help? It was a huge leap to make. Some would stand on the verge of it. And they would be so much less likely to take the plunge if they personally disliked the very people who could rescue them.

“I’m Kir McLeod,” he introduced himself, for now deciding to go as far as giving his surname, which wasn’t likely to lead to many deductions, but not to add ‘of the McLeod Foundation’ as that invited the whole big topic to be opened up. It was hard not to. It felt a little like cowardice - to avoid difficult subjects, to agree by omission - these weren’t things that were usually in his nature. But it was probably smart to get to know people better before bringing up politics.

“Yes,” he agreed, when the other boy asked if he was excited to be here, glad to find some common ground that they could easily talk about. “I’m sure it will offer a lot of new experiences,” he agreed, “Is there anything you’re particularly excited for?” he asked.

  • The start of an adventure!Victor Callahan, Tue Sep 20 16:59
    The wagon ride to Sonora had been pretty cool, definitely more fun than floo travel (which was just over too quickly, even if there were cool effects!). The only thing that would make the wagon... more
    • Definitely experiencing new things — Kir McLeod, Wed Sep 21 01:17
      • It's probably good for youVictor, Thu Sep 22 12:39
        Well. Victor had misjudged the boy before him a little. His introduction suggested that he was not, in fact, society, but oh well. He was better to talk to than nobody at all, and as far as he knew... more
        • That's what I've been toldKir, Mon Sep 26 04:45
          Kir knew about society purebloods in the academic sense. On paper, he knew what they were like. He knew that they didn’t actively snub everyone who wasn’t like them, which in a way made their racism... more
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