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Alistair Johnson
Sounds like a no-brainer.
Wed Sep 21, 2016 08:30

Alistair had been accused of many things by many different people and some of them he could agree with. He had grown aware that specific people in his life had found him careless, or at least too self-serving, but he wasn’t sure how much that could still apply. He had tried not to care and maybe he had done a good job of it but ultimately it just didn’t seem to get him what he wanted and usually came back to bite him, metaphorically speaking. The trouble was, giving in to this caring business was not quite as rewarding as it sounded and he’d found it resulted in actual physical bruises which could be rather painful.

He hoped he would never even have to hear Darius Tavana’s name mentioned again but unfortunately that was so very unlikely. The only positive to come from their brief brawl was that the fairer sex paid him all the more attention. Over the summer he’d managed to get himself a girlfriend but that didn’t mean he could switch off his natural charm and completely forget about all the other beautiful females out there.

Kimberley Colqueran was a lovely blonde whose company he found great enjoyment in but dating her was probably more trouble than it was worth and somewhere in the back of Alistair’s mind he knew this, yet for the summer he had been content to ignore it. He wasn’t trying to cause conflicts but the fact that Kimmy had not been invited to a single one of Joella’s many birthday celebrations confirmed that he had stirred something just by being with her. The two girls were old friends who had grown up very close but he was insistent that their friendship had nothing to do with his desire for Kimmy whatsoever.

One glaring factor did not escape his notice when he spotted Joella from a distance upon disembarking from the wagon and his brain instantly matched his ex-girlfriend’s bright blonde shade to that of his current girlfriend’s in his mind. It was foolish, he knew, but just the colour of the Pecari’s long hair made him feel something and he wasn’t entirely sure what. He doubted it was hope and instead pondered with mild interest that it might be dread.

But before he could dwell on this any further, his thoughts were interrupted by yet another blonde, this one undoubtedly the prettiest of them all.

The mere touch of Caelia’s hand on his arm and the expression upon her innocent face when he turned to look at her both made one thing suddenly very obvious: the kiss goodbye that he and Kimmy had shared before departing to return to their separate schools was probably their last. He was back at Sonora now and that meant living in the land of unresolved feelings and this time he was determined to found out what it was that he really wanted.

“Caelia,” Alistair’s face broke into a smile, partly because he was glad to see Caelia again but also partly because her concern for his wellbeing was so clear. “Oh this? This is what you get for defending a young woman’s honour,” he gestured vaguely to the nasty bruising around his cheekbone and eye on one side of his face, keeping his tone light and jovial because he wasn’t about to delve right into the full details of how his handsome features had come to be tarnished in such a way.

“So I don’t advise trying,” he added, before leaning closer to his friend and lowering his voice a little. “But between you and me, you should’ve seen the other guy.” He shot her a brief wink before straightening up again.

In truth, he wasn’t all that proud of his injuries because he thought it made him look the “all brawn no brains” type (which he certainly was not, thank you very much) but he couldn’t retract his actions and he couldn’t quite bring himself to want to either. So he had to make the light of the situation and try and joke about it, which was never something Alistair had been very good at because he liked to take himself seriously and he certainly didn’t think that the reasoning behind the whole thing had been a laughing matter at all.

“I trust that your summer was rather more pleasant?” Alistair continued with his usual charming smile, reserved for girls like Caelia, although his own holiday certainly wasn’t unpleasant.

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    • Sounds like a no-brainer. — Alistair Johnson, Wed Sep 21 08:30
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