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It's probably good for you
Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:39

Well. Victor had misjudged the boy before him a little. His introduction suggested that he was not, in fact, society, but oh well. He was better to talk to than nobody at all, and as far as he knew there wasn’t a rule in society that said you had to completely ignore those who didn’t belong. Besides, he had asked what Victor was excited for, and that was an interesting conversation.

So what was he excited for in particular? That was a hard question to answer! Obviously there would be lots of fun to be had at Sonora, girls to flirt with, and friends to make that would impress his father. Sharing a dorm would like a giant sleepover, he imagined, and would be much better than sharing a room with a little brother who had a tendency to fall asleep too quickly. Then there was the actual magic – lessons were boring, but on the other hand he did want to start spellcasting!

Victor was almost constantly cheerful and excited for most things life threw at him, and life at Sonora was no exception. He was a pretty optimistic and outgoing boy, and this was reflected in his slightly chubby baby face that seemed to always wear a smile. He was about average height, but with a mop of dark brown curly hair that resisted all attempts to flatten it nicely, much to despair of Victor’s mother. She spent a good deal of time trying to sort out Victor’s appearance, as he could apparently never look quite smart enough even when he tried.

“Everything,” he replied enthusiastically. “Meeting lots of people, doing cool spells, and some of the clubs sound pretty great.” He definitely wanted to get involved in some extra-curricular things. “Archery club could be cool and so could some of the other ones, though it’s a shame they only play Quidditch here,” he added. Broom racing was really Victor’s interest when it came to flying sports. “What about you, do you want to get involved with anything?” Turning the question back on Kir was only polite, and Victor had been taught that you should always be polite to people, no matter what their background was.

  • Definitely experiencing new thingsKir McLeod, Wed Sep 21 01:17
    Kir stretched, working the crick out of his neck after the long wagon ride from the east coast. So. Here he was. School. The thought of it was mostly exciting. It was an adventure he felt he’d been... more
    • It's probably good for you — Victor, Thu Sep 22 12:39
      • That's what I've been toldKir, Mon Sep 26 04:45
        Kir knew about society purebloods in the academic sense. On paper, he knew what they were like. He knew that they didn’t actively snub everyone who wasn’t like them, which in a way made their racism... more
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