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Friends forever!
Thu Sep 22, 2016 13:31

Ayla couldn’t see a reason for her parents to object to her visiting Kit in Connecticut over the holiday. She was so excited, and hoped that they would let her. How lucky was it that she and Kit found each other the very first day?

“The instant we’re back in the common rooms I’m going to send my parents an owl and ask them. Your Christmas sounds so wonderful! We use weather charms around the estate, but it’s not quite the same. And then maybe you could come visit California over the summer!”

A frown appeared on the girl's lips as her new friend revealed that she too was a little homesick. Hopefully it wouldn’t last long, and being around people in the same position would likely help.

“Yeah, being away is going to be different for sure. I’m hoping that it’ll get easier.” Ayla perked up a little when Kit spoke about her horse, happy for a change in subject as thinking about her siblings, particularly the little ones, threatened to make her sad. “Ooo, Friesians are beautiful! We have a few horses in our stables at home, but they are largely because Milo wanted a pony when he was little, and my sisters love them too. I’ve learned how to ride, and the basics, but they are more my siblings horses than mine. I do have a cat though! I brought him to school with me, he hates being in his carrier so I hope they let him out soon. His name is Alby. He’s white, fluffy and the sweetest little ball of floof. I’m lucky I got to bring him, I’m so sorry you had to leave your baby at home. Do you have any siblings?”

“I just wish that Sonora’s robes weren’t so, green. Don’t get me wrong, I like green, but forest green isn’t the easiest color to compliment. Maybe we’ll learn some tricks in fashion club!” Ayla laughed when Kit told her about her art skills. “I’m not particularly gifted at actual art, I’m more of a musical spirit. With some of the clubs though, my participation is more a matter of being social than being interested in the topic, you know?” She was talking about archery in particular. The 11-year-old was a little boy crazy already, and she figured that would be a good place to make more male acquaintances.

Ayla bounced a little at the idea of what it would be like to actually be roommates with Kit. That was part of the fun of going away to school, building those relationships with your roommates. It was like having built in friends! “That will be so amazing! Promise we’ll still be friends, even if somehow we don’t end up as roommates!” While she didn’t like the idea at all, considering how well they were getting on, there was a little voice in Ayla’s head that always tried to prepare her for not getting her way. Maybe that was byproduct of having four younger siblings.

“Off hand, maybe not.” Ayla replied as she looked around the clearing, paying particular attention to the boys. “But who knows what Sonora holds in the way of second year boys.” She said with a smile. There were definitely some cute guys in her year, but it was hard to tell blood status based on looks. “I just want to wear a pretty dress, have fun with my friends, and maybe dance with a boy. I certainly hope they have other balls!”

  • New Friend. :)Kit, Thu Sep 22 00:13
    “Oh, it is so pretty, especially at Christmas! We put up twelve different trees and have a huge party. My dad always hires performers to put on a production of the Nutcracker and we have absolutely... more
    • Friends forever! — Ayla, Thu Sep 22 13:31
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