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Winston Pierce
Things can only get better, right?
Thu Sep 22, 2016 20:27

This day was not going as well as he might have hoped for his first day at his new school. It had started well enough. The house elves had pulled together a very nice farewell breakfast to celebrate his new journey which had been very delicious. Mother and Father had both declared their pride in him and voiced their certainty that he would do very well both academically and socially at Sonora. Even Caitlin, who was a baby and a girl (Winston was eleven and therefore much much older and wiser and grown-up than his eight year old sister), had wished him well and he hadn't even minded giving her a hug and peck on the forehead before climbing onto the wagon.

No, the problem was the wagon. The wagon ride had dragged on for ages, carrying the Northeast students to Arizona. And the seats were uncomfortable, and the wagon bounced jarringly, and he had started to feel a bit wagon-sick somewhere around Pennsylvania. He'd thrown up somewhere over Kansas or something and again possibly over New Mexico, and that was decidedly not the first impression he'd really wanted to make on the people he'd be living with for the next seven years.

He was so incredibly grateful to be getting off the blasted contraption, in fact, that in his haste to be done with the thing, he caught his sleeve on the door latch and tore his brand new school robe. The wagon, he concluded, hated him for no good reason at all. This could be the only explanation for its vendetta against him specifically. Nobody else seemed to have been made half as miserable as he, though honestly, he'd been far too miserable to notice much how the other kids were taking the wagon ride. That other Pierce had seemed to be doing well enough, though, and he'd not heard any complaints about them from Thaddeus or the Anns. The wagons must be liberals and on Thaddeus' side.

Well, that was kind of his mission wasn't it? He'd been sent to this school because - well, mostly because Salem had closed its doors and Father's alma mater of Durmstrang wouldn't have created many American ties. Thaddeus had gone here and consequently he had more domestic support outside of the mountain than Father did, and that simply had to change. Winston had to change that.

Filling two sick bags on the wagon ride and then tearing his clothing was not the best start, unfortunately. He did his best to hide the rip as he headed under the banner welcoming him to the school and the orientation program, and hoped he didn't still look too green from the ride. He grabbed a couple of salty crackers from the snack table and munched on them, hoping to settle his stomach and devoutly appealing to Merlin that they stayed down now that he was securely back on the Earth.

He was drawn to the table with papers and collected one of maps and schedules, looking them over mostly as a delay tactic before attempting to make contact with his classmates. The longer he spent on solid ground eating crackers the better he was feeling, and he didn't want his very first conversation with his peers to begin with a concerned inquiry into his health.

By the time the speech finished, though, he was feeling mostly human again, and he got a glass of pumpkin juice, figuring some fluids would probably help, too. He didn't quite trust any of the sugary confections yet to stay down, but he collected another plate full of crackers and this time added some cheese to them. This was probably a more grown-up selection of foods anyway, he consoled himself after spotting a tray of cakes that both made his mouth water and his stomach turn. *That'll be my reward for my first O,* he told himself firmly and moved away from the snack table before he added something to his plate that he'd regret.

"Hello," he greeted another student, figuring his window for avoiding socialization had expired. "I am Winston Pierce of the New Hampshire Pierces. Are you looking forward to studying here?" Holding a plate of crackers and cheese, speaking with his best diction, standing with his best posture, and hopefully holding his arm so the tear in his robe was not visible, he almost felt like guest at one of the business functions Father talked about. Winston Pierce was a man now.

  • First Year OrientationProfessor Nathan Xavier, Fri Sep 16 13:57
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    • Things can only get better, right? — Winston Pierce, Thu Sep 22 20:27
      • Not sure if you're being positive or negative.Luke Powell, Mon Sep 26 06:57
        Having one foot in the magical world and the other in the muggle world wasn’t always easy but Luke had never imagined he’d genuinely resent his situation. Only now he wasn’t so sure because, as... more
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      • Definitely experiencing new thingsKir McLeod, Wed Sep 21 01:17
        Kir stretched, working the crick out of his neck after the long wagon ride from the east coast. So. Here he was. School. The thought of it was mostly exciting. It was an adventure he felt he’d been... more
        • It's probably good for youVictor, Thu Sep 22 12:39
          Well. Victor had misjudged the boy before him a little. His introduction suggested that he was not, in fact, society, but oh well. He was better to talk to than nobody at all, and as far as he knew... more
          • That's what I've been toldKir, Mon Sep 26 04:45
            Kir knew about society purebloods in the academic sense. On paper, he knew what they were like. He knew that they didn’t actively snub everyone who wasn’t like them, which in a way made their racism... more
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      • I'm sorry.Simon Mordue, Thu Sep 22 12:23
        The wagon had been dim (Simon preferred to think this was for the sake of authenticity rather than to hide inadequate cleaning) and deeply uncomfortable, but it had had one thing going for it: it had ... more
        • It makes room for new onesIsaac, Fri Sep 23 00:00
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      • What is a Texas?Salali Bly, Sun Sep 18 15:55
        The wagon ride was bouncy. Salali liked it, bouncing along with each hop. She had never been on anything like this--she’d only discovered cars recently, and this was even more special than those!--so ... more
        • I'm glad you askMagnus, Mon Sep 19 01:46
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    • Finally ArrivingKit Reid, Fri Sep 16 17:08
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      • And now the fun begins!Ayla Tremaine, Sun Sep 18 00:40
        It had been harder to say her goodbyes than Ayla had imagined. Mostly because Aurelia was crying and clinging to her while Mother tried to settle a fight between Milo and Lenn, and Declan was crying... more
        • It should be interestingKit, Mon Sep 19 19:47
          “It was terrible! Part of me wished that my parents had sent me to a school on the East coast, however, they thought this would be better so that I could meet new people.” It went without saying that ... more
          • I definitely hope so!Ayla, Wed Sep 21 02:16
            “Welcome to the Southern United States, where it rarely gets below 40 degrees.” Ayla said with a smile. “I’ve heard that Connecticut is really pretty though, and you guys get snow. We don't get snow... more
            • New Friend. :)Kit, Thu Sep 22 00:13
              “Oh, it is so pretty, especially at Christmas! We put up twelve different trees and have a huge party. My dad always hires performers to put on a production of the Nutcracker and we have absolutely... more
              • Friends forever! Ayla, Thu Sep 22 13:31
                Ayla couldn’t see a reason for her parents to object to her visiting Kit in Connecticut over the holiday. She was so excited, and hoped that they would let her. How lucky was it that she and Kit... more
    • First Day JittersSawyer Matheson, Fri Sep 16 16:14
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      • Same here.Florence Newell, Sat Sep 17 16:21
        The wagon ride was surprisingly bumpy. Flo had expected something more gracious of their transportation, given the school’s highly wealthy population, but no. Not that she was complaining (or really... more
        • We'll get over it together.Sawyer, Mon Sep 19 21:00
          “I might join some clubs. I’m not really sure yet. I wasn’t in any back home, because we were usually doing some sort of event at church or community service,” Sawyer replied before stuffing another... more
          • That sounds like a planFlorence, Fri Sep 23 03:39
            The mention of church was, for some reason, a bit unexpected, but Flo couldn’t say she held it against Sawyer. If anything, it was an odd comfort. The Newells were not horribly religious, some fairly ... more
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