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It makes room for new ones
Fri Sep 23, 2016 00:00

At Simon's introduction, Isaac wondered if he'd messed it up in some way. Boys at his age weren't all about high society manners, but then again he'd never met any purebloods from that kind of world. However, it was too late to amend his introduction so he just went along with it. "I'm from California," he added, wondering if he should also relay his half-blood status as well as his family lineage. Joking aside, he didn't really see the importance of it; at least, he could care less about where his friends were from as long as they were fun.

It made him remember how he and his group had met back in kindergarten. It'd all started with two familiar faces at his school from his basketball league, an informal game of tag, and then Dray invited them all to his birthday and suddenly the four of them were best friends. Isaac hadn't worn the goodbye present the guys had put their money together to buy for him. It was far too precious to just wear around like his usual tennis shoes. Isaac had always liked being surrounded by people, but he always had his best friends to fall back on.

The topic Simon approached was kind of boring and Isaac didn't know what to say about it. "Looks interesting, I guess. I'm not used to having classes switching around like this, so I'll have to get used to it. My old school was just one classroom with one teacher and the same thirty or so students. Did you go to elementary school in Oregon?" Though this was something that Isaac assumed of all of his Muggle peers, he quickly realized through Simon's formality that it might not be common for the magical folk.

"I'm mostly excited for flying lessons," he said with a grin. "I've always wanted to learn how to fly and there's so much freedom flying on a broom. Have you done it before? Is it awesome?" Since he lived in the big city surrounded by a Muggle community, Isaac never saw anyone flying on brooms anywhere except for the occasional Halloween night if he squinted really hard at the dark night sky. Simon seemed a little uncomfortable, but Isaac didn't really know how to make him feel better. This whole orientation and waiting with strangers and being in a new place was enough to make anyone feel at least a little uncomfortable, even him.

  • I'm sorry.Simon Mordue, Thu Sep 22 12:23
    The wagon had been dim (Simon preferred to think this was for the sake of authenticity rather than to hide inadequate cleaning) and deeply uncomfortable, but it had had one thing going for it: it had ... more
    • It makes room for new ones — Isaac, Fri Sep 23 00:00
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