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That sounds like a plan
Fri Sep 23, 2016 03:39

The mention of church was, for some reason, a bit unexpected, but Flo couldn’t say she held it against Sawyer. If anything, it was an odd comfort. The Newells were not horribly religious, some fairly belief-holding, others less so, but she knew that the basis of almost every religion was to do good, so, coupled with the mention of community service, she got the distinct impression that Sawyer was a good person. She was relieved to find someone like him to talk to.

It was surprising as well to hear him talk about cooking and baking. Those weren’t traditionally masculine things, but he mentioned them so easily and comfortably. Of course, the Newells had a House Elf for that kind of thing, but occasionally her mother might do some of it. And she had taught Flo some things here and there, but never either of her brothers. Not her sister either, though, but Anastasia was still fairly little. Brett was just a year Florence’s junior, and Dustin was older than her.

“I don’t think it’ll be too bad,” she said of the homework. “My brother’s a fourth year, and my cousin is a sixth year, and neither of them have ever told me about anything too bad. There’s some essays and stuff, and obviously some professors are more fond of homework than others. I heard the Defense professor doesn’t do homework but gives a lot of quizzes.” Dustin was an Aladren, so he was default at least somewhat smart--personally she’d never found his intellect all that impressive--but Makenzie was a Crotalus, which wasn’t necessarily a dumb House, but intelligence wasn’t a requirement. She admired Makenzie a great deal, considering her the older sister she wished Dustin was, but her academic smarts were not something Flo had ever experienced to have much information on the topic.

Florence blinked a little. Honesty, aside from to family, had never been one of the utmost values of the Newells (although, given everything with Uncle Nelson this summer, maybe it should have been), but she had to respect the notion. “Awkward together?” she repeated, contemplating. “I think I like the sound of that.” The brunette smiled. Had she already made a friend? Maybe her worries about coming had been unfounded, after all.

  • We'll get over it together.Sawyer, Mon Sep 19 21:00
    “I might join some clubs. I’m not really sure yet. I wasn’t in any back home, because we were usually doing some sort of event at church or community service,” Sawyer replied before stuffing another... more
    • That sounds like a plan — Florence, Fri Sep 23 03:39
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