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That's what I've been told
Mon Sep 26, 2016 04:45

Kir knew about society purebloods in the academic sense. On paper, he knew what they were like. He knew that they didn’t actively snub everyone who wasn’t like them, which in a way made their racism even more insidious and unpleasant. They had the token Muggleborn friend or acquaintance they could hold up as a banner - “I’m not racist. I know lots of people of other blood types” - whilst continue to cling to the view that they were somehow better than those people. That they were worthy friends but one couldn’t marry them. He also knew that he would be meeting purebloods his own age. The papers were usually full of the older crowd - faces purple with indignation, spitting venom if they weren’t tactful, or unctuous, insidious poisons if they were. But now there was a curly haired boy his own age excitedly talking about meeting all sorts and joining clubs. The two mental images didn’t gel. The thought of Victor becoming one of those repellent old men made him sad but also seemed impossible. He was just so… normal. So like Kir.

“I’d like to join the book club and be a library monitor,” Kir admitted. Next to Victor’s list of possible pursuits he thought that sounded rather tame. Perhaps even nerdy. Kir was smart enough to know there was no shame in being smart but still… He was an eleven year old boy, who really wanted other people to like him. “Archery sounds good too,” he added, because it really did, “I’m not sure about Quidditch either. Like, if they’re really needing players, I’ll sign up but I’m not champing at the bit to play. Do you prefer Quodpot or something?” he asked. Victor’s phrasing had implied he would rather they had a different sport on offer, rather than not being very sporty, and Quodpot was the obvious choice as it was the major sport in America. He’d played a little of both, one sport coming from each parent’s side of the family, but only as a casual thing to do.

  • It's probably good for youVictor, Thu Sep 22 12:39
    Well. Victor had misjudged the boy before him a little. His introduction suggested that he was not, in fact, society, but oh well. He was better to talk to than nobody at all, and as far as he knew... more
    • That's what I've been told — Kir, Mon Sep 26 04:45
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