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Luke Powell
Not sure if you're being positive or negative.
Mon Sep 26, 2016 06:57

Having one foot in the magical world and the other in the muggle world wasn’t always easy but Luke had never imagined he’d genuinely resent his situation. Only now he wasn’t so sure because, as exciting as this new adventure might be, he was having to give up more than just that muggle part of him. His mom had told him that time would fly and he’d be back home in the ocean again for Christmas before he knew it but Luke couldn’t quite bring himself to believe her. Surfing was his everything. It was what made him who he was and he didn’t know how he was going to cope without it.

He pretended to listen whilst the professor rambled on about boring school stuff because his mom had told him he had to be polite, but he didn’t really care. Right now he would much rather get lost in the gardens around them and explore all the parts of the school that they probably wouldn’t be shown on the tour.

As much as he wished the school didn’t have to be in a desert where there was no sea whatsoever, the eleven year old couldn’t help but be intrigued by his new unfamiliar temporary home. In spite of his hang ups and the strong likelihood of homesickness, Luke had to admit he was probably going to have a whole lot of fun here. He didn’t have to hide who he was from any of the friends he would make here and that was comforting to know.

Luke perked up at the brief mention of Quidditch. He had known that was the main sport played here so had made sure he was prepared. It helped that his mom’s cousin was on the Pecari team (captain now, he thought proudly) so fortunately Joella had seemed more than happy to give him some pointers and train him up a bit over the past year when she had learnt of his interest. He wasn’t too fussed which house he ended up in, so long as there were some cool guys in his dormitory, but being on the winning Pecari team with his aunt-cousin (he could never be bothered to remember the particular phrasing of the type of cousin that they were) did sound pretty awesome.

“Hey,” he nodded in greeting to one of the other first years who approached him. “Nice to meet you. I’m Luke Powell,” he supplied his own name, recognising the way in which his new classmate introduced himself but thinking it would be ridiculous if he did the same. There were numerous branches of the Powell family (some more influential than others) and his dad came from the North Carolina branch but since Luke himself was born and raised in California and was not a part of the special society which introduced themselves in such silly ways, he felt no obligation to try and pretend otherwise.

“Studying?” Luke smirked and shrugged. Perhaps there was something exciting about having a wand and learning to control and use his magical abilities but he’d learnt enough from elementary school about how dull schoolwork was and how uncool it was to like it. “Nah, I think the sports clubs and Quidditch sound like more fun. What about you? You like sports too?”

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    • Not sure if you're being positive or negative. — Luke Powell, Mon Sep 26 06:57
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