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You'd be surprised.
Mon Sep 26, 2016 14:45

Alistair’s words caused a slight blush to rise in Caelia’s cheeks. Ali was such a proper young gentlewizard and he would surely find Matthew to be a dishonorable aspect of Caelia’s life. She hated to lie, but she didn’t think that she could tell Alistair or Jack about Matthew for fear of an argument, and she didn’t think she’d make it the rest of her schooling at Sonora avoiding two of her friends simply because Matthew didn’t like her speaking to wizards.

“Oh,” she said, still concerned although she was sure that Ali was trying to reassure her. “Does it hurt much?” It looked rather awful, and Caelia knew enough about wizards to know that they didn’t like to feel emasculated by admitting such things like pain to witches, but it was her duty as both a witch and Alistair’s friend to make sure he wasn’t in pain and, if he was, to help him. “My grandmother gave me some potions, I could get them for you if you like?”

Caelia’s grandmother was a quite accomplished witch. She was everything Caelia knew she ought to aspire to be—a strong caster, proficient in potions, ladylike, organized, and she’d had quite the loving, advantageous marriage. And although Caelia knew she was ladylike and organized and that her marks in school were actually quite good as she was able to cast well and her talent for potions was not horrendous, she knew that her limitations in understanding things sometimes fell short of what a lady ought to understand. She couldn’t pick up on nuances, and she always believed what someone told her. She had a hard time writing essays, and it took a few tries to understand theories when explained. But she was trying to be better and, Caelia supposed, that was all she could do.

“Yes, I do suppose it was,” she replied, blushing further as she recalled her long, private walks with Matthew. They had never done much more kiss despite Matthew sometimes pressing her against a wall and attempting to take things further on several occasions, but Caelia felt rather proud in herself for holding her own—a lady waited until marriage, Grandmother Viviane had always said, and Caelia was determined to be a proper lady. “It was dreadfully hot. Though, Emrys did come by for a visit so that was nice and we caught up with a childhood friend.”

She supposed that Emrys and Matt had done some catching up too, so it wasn’t technically a lie, although she knew that Matthew hadn’t told her brother of their relationship of his own accord. Caelia didn’t think she would mind Emrys knowing, after all her older brother was a rather sentimental sort of wizard and more open-minded than most, but Matthew hadn’t wanted Emrys to know about them yet and so Caelia had agreed—for Matthew’s sake, that they would keep it even from her closest confidante.

“I hope that your entire summer wasn’t ruined defending a lady’s honor,” she said, wanting to direct the conversation away from where she might slip up about her own, chaste tryst. “Although it is rather admirable, I’m sure there were several happier times?”

  • Sounds like a no-brainer.Alistair Johnson, Wed Sep 21 08:30
    Alistair had been accused of many things by many different people and some of them he could agree with. He had grown aware that specific people in his life had found him careless, or at least too... more
    • You'd be surprised. — Caelia, Mon Sep 26 14:45
      • “I’ve had worse,” Alistair smiled, not referring to fights because getting into those was not normal behaviour for him but instead thinking back to the immense pain he’d suffered after that bludger... more
        • I wouldn't have it any other way.Caelia, Fri Oct 7 22:15
          Caelia didn’t quite remember the Quidditch injuries Alistair had suffered earlier in his career and so his words concerned her. Was her friend one of those wizards to get in fights a lot? From their... more
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