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I'm sure I would so let's keep me in the dark, okay?
Sun Oct 2, 2016 12:43

“I’ve had worse,” Alistair smiled, not referring to fights because getting into those was not normal behaviour for him but instead thinking back to the immense pain he’d suffered after that bludger incident in his first year. His current bruises did give him some discomfort, especially since they were still quite fresh, but it was nothing he couldn’t cope with. “Thank you but don’t worry - I’ll just suck it up.”

He wasn’t going to pretend it didn’t hurt at all because where was the fun in that? Receiving sympathy from the likes of Caelia was probably the only perk of having his features temporarily flawed. Alistair wasn’t so sure if she’d show the same amount of concern if she were to find out the real story behind his new look but he didn’t think she would, because he certainly wasn’t going to tell it, so that wasn’t something he needed to worry about.

The blush that had arisen in her fair cheeks had not gone altogether unnoticed but Alistair thought nothing much of it because he was used to having such effects on girls. He would never dream of questioning or commenting on that kind of thing and politely ignored it, far more interested in being attentive to what Caelia had to say anyway.

The mention of her catching up with a “childhood friend” did make him feel oddly uneasy, however, and he swiftly proceeded to raise his hand to scratch the back of his neck in a smooth easy motion. No matter how natural it had appeared, the Crotalus knew that the subconscious movement had nothing to do with an itch and was actually something of an excuse for him to tear his gaze from Caelia in a casual way that hopefully wouldn’t make him appear uncomfortable. He knew it was ridiculous and he was merely being affected by his own experiences but that wasn’t always enough to stop one’s brain whirring.

“That must have been nice,” he remarked nonchalantly, but inside he couldn’t help thinking about how childhood friends were all good and well when you were children but when they got to this age things never seemed to be quite so simple or easy. “I take it you hadn’t seen her, him, for some time?”

“Ah, how is your brother?” Alistair could hardly claim to be a friend of Emrys Lucan’s but since they had been in the same group for the challenges a few years ago and he’d always respected him on the basis of being Caelia’s brother, he thought they were at least acquaintances who would certainly acknowledge one another if they happened to meet now. Admittedly he had also been impressed by the older boy simply for dating the prettiest girl in the entire school. “Is he still, uh, courting Miss Spencer?”

It wasn’t that Alistair was interested in such gossip or anything of the sort but it was polite to show an interest in other people. There were a lot of people that he took absolutely no interest in whatsoever so a lot of the time he ended up disregarding this rule of courtesy but when it came to Caelia, even if he was actually only concerned with her, it paid to acknowledge her loved ones because they were an important part of her life and thus she would probably be happy talking about them. Happy was always good - happy girls were pretty girls.

“Yes, definitely. Definitely...” the Crotalus nodded assuredly but trailed off a little upon repeating the word because just seeing Caelia again was prompting him to think a lot about many of his actions over the summer and how, if he wasn’t careful, he would end up doing the same thing as Darius. No, he would never be like Darius.

It was largely for this reason that he didn’t mention Kimmy, but he already knew enough about girls to know that talking about other girls in front of them was not the best move anyway.

“I spent a lot of time at home,” Alistair recovered quickly. “It was really hot here too. I did a lot of Quidditch coaching with quite a few kids - I mean, they aren’t the level I’d like to be coaching but they’re probably the best I will get until I’m properly qualified. I guess it keeps me in good practise for the Crotalus team.”

  • You'd be surprised.Caelia, Mon Sep 26 14:45
    Alistair’s words caused a slight blush to rise in Caelia’s cheeks. Ali was such a proper young gentlewizard and he would surely find Matthew to be a dishonorable aspect of Caelia’s life. She hated to ... more
    • I'm sure I would so let's keep me in the dark, okay? — Alistair, Sun Oct 2 12:43
      • I wouldn't have it any other way.Caelia, Fri Oct 7 22:15
        Caelia didn’t quite remember the Quidditch injuries Alistair had suffered earlier in his career and so his words concerned her. Was her friend one of those wizards to get in fights a lot? From their... more
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