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I wouldn't have it any other way.
Fri Oct 7, 2016 22:15

Caelia didn’t quite remember the Quidditch injuries Alistair had suffered earlier in his career and so his words concerned her. Was her friend one of those wizards to get in fights a lot? From their interactions at Sonora she hadn’t thought him to be the sort despite his not getting along with the Reinhardts who were, in general, rather kind people even if Arne Reinhardt did get surly from time to time and liked to be sassy. She let it go because he seemed to want to be done with the conversation, but she knew she would be watching him closely from now on—if Alistair was getting himself into trouble she wanted to be there to help him get out of it.

“It was a nice visit,” she replied, thinking of when Emrys had insisted on lettering Grandmother Viviane let Matthew come in for tea. It wasn’t technically lying since she was referencing one particular visit that had lasted all of an hour and a half where Grandmother had been on her best behaviour by greeting Matthew politely and then retiring to her own parlour claiming headache and fatigue. And besides, how was Alistair to know of her loophole? “Emrys is well, they hadn’t seen each other for some time. He’s living in England now, near Charlotte’s home, you know?”

Emrys hadn’t told his family yet about his planned program in China and so all Caelia knew was that he was still working at the Whale and Pen and seeing Charlotte on a weekly if not daily basis. “I think they’re happy together, he always sounds happy when he writes home and the week he was home he couldn’t talk of anything else.”

She was glad to hear that Alistair also had a good break and smiled in response. “You do a lovely job with the team,” she complimented. “And not just the Crotali, also the Teppenpaws.” Caelia credited Ginger’s great ability to her Quidditch captain friend. “And even if the kids you worked with over the summer weren’t at a very high level it’s really good to get in experience now.” Caelia couldn’t help but think that volunteering one’s time to help younger, inexperienced children with things was a very noble pursuit and she was proud of Ali.

  • “I’ve had worse,” Alistair smiled, not referring to fights because getting into those was not normal behaviour for him but instead thinking back to the immense pain he’d suffered after that bludger... more
    • I wouldn't have it any other way. — Caelia, Fri Oct 7 22:15
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