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Victor Callahan
Victor the Explorer [Tag: Ayla Tremaine]
Tue Oct 11, 2016 15:56 (XFF:,

It seemed fairly obvious to Victor that one of the first things one should do when in a new place was to explore. Of course there were new friends to be made too – that went without saying – but he was feeling fairly happy on that front so far, as both his roommates seemed to be fairly decent chaps. He had yet to really meet any of the girls, but he was sure that would happen sooner or later. So, for now, he was going to focus on exploring and, more specifically, exploring the Labyrinth Gardens.

The whole maze idea was a pretty cool one, Victor had to admit. If you wandered in too deep you’d probably get lost for days. He wouldn’t be surprised if there were currently several students lost in its depths, starving and crawling desperately along the ground in an attempt to find their way out without getting eaten by the dangerous creatures that no doubt lived here. It was, in his opinion, a big shame that the professors probably wouldn’t let such a scenario happen.

Victor didn’t find any half-starved bodies during his exploration, but he did find lots of interesting courtyards, and even a few creatures roaming around. There was one moment when he decided he’d got lost, and he was just planning his survival strategy (living off berries and whatever animals he could hunt until he managed to work out how to use the four-point spell) when he realised that, actually, he was pretty near the entrance. That was a little disappointing, but Victor could handle disappointment, even if it did reduce his chance of claiming the title of ‘intrepid explorer’.

He was just about to return to the main school building and see what his roommates where up to when he caught sight of a girl he thought he recognised. He was fairly sure he’d seen her at orientation, meaning she must be in his year. He didn’t have anywhere to be, so he decided to go over to her.

“Hi, you’re a first year too, right?” he asked, giving her a friendly smile and running a hand through his riotous curls (tidying them was something he’d given up on a long time ago, but the least he could do was make sure no leaves had decided to nest on top of his head). “I’m Victor Callahan, of the Idaho Callahans. What house are you in? I’m in Crotalus.”

    • Ayla the Lion TamerAyla Tremaine, Wed Oct 12 10:45
      Ayla decided that since she was going to be living at Sonora for the better part of the next seven years she needed to be able to navigate the school's grounds without a map. She'd managed to get... more
      • Better a cat than no lion at allVictor, Sun Oct 16 14:32
        Well, if all other pureblood girls had been siphoned off to other houses like Ayla had, that would explain why there were only boys in the group of first year Crotali. Victor was quite relieved – it... more
        • He's a miniature house lionAyla, Mon Oct 17 10:07
          Albus weaved his way between Ayla’s ankles, purring loudly as he rubbed against her. Usually she’d scoop him up and kiss his ears at this point, but her attention was fully on Victor. He was, after... more
          • Petition to rename the cat species!Victor, Thu Oct 20 15:01
            “Yeah, they seem pretty great,” replied Victor, suddenly feeling quite protective about his roommates and not wanting Ayla to think they were worse than her Gwen. “It’s going to be fun sharing a room ... more
            • Motion secondedAyla, Thu Nov 3 01:28
              “Oh good! I’m really glad to hear that. I truly hope it is fun, otherwise, it’s going to be a long seven years.” Ayla was hopeful that the students in her year would all get along, so it was nice to... more
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