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Ayla Tremaine
Ayla the Lion Tamer
Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:45

Ayla decided that since she was going to be living at Sonora for the better part of the next seven years she needed to be able to navigate the school's grounds without a map. She'd managed to get down to Cascade Hall and back to the common room, which was a good first step. Classes, however, were still hit and miss.

Since the Teppenpaw common room was in the middle of the school, it lacked windows. Sure, there were enchanted ones, but admittedly there were some things in life that magic just couldn't fully duplicate. The young blonde needed fresh air and some natural lighting, and she figured her fluffy white cat Albus could use a change of scenery as well.

The gardens weren't hard to find from Cascade Hall, so Ayla gathered up Albus in his carrier and made her way outside. It was nice out, which wasn't surprising given that Sonora used weather charms on the grounds, but she was glad for it all the same. Nice weather meant she could still wear sun dresses, and today's was a pale yellow A-line style gathered halter that hit just below the knee and had an eyelet cut overlay.

Ayla found a vacant bench near the maze entrance that had a decent view of the grounds and set the cat carrier down on it. She gently removed Albus and scratched him behind the ears before setting him in the grass. The large white cat stretched and rolled, head first, onto his back inviting Ayla to rub his belly. As she knelt to do so, she noticed someone approaching. She smiled at him and quickly rose to her feet, despite protests from the white fluffball on the ground.

“Yes, hi!” She said brightly, as she brushed herself off. “Nice to meet you Victor, I’m Ayla Tremaine of the Palo Alto California Tremaines.” She smiled, excited to meet another of her yearmates, and a pureblood to boot. “I ended up in Teppenpaw, but I’d expected Crotalus, so I was a little surprised at the sorting. Kind of strange that there aren’t any girls in your house though, don’t you think? Not that I’m complaining, because I have a roommate, and I wouldn’t have otherwise.” Ayla realized she was rambling, which wasn’t very ladylike. She glanced down at Albus to make sure he hadn’t wandered off before turning her green eyes back to Victor. “Did you just come from the labyrinth?”

  • Victor the Explorer [Tag: Ayla Tremaine]Victor Callahan, Tue Oct 11 15:56
    It seemed fairly obvious to Victor that one of the first things one should do when in a new place was to explore. Of course there were new friends to be made too – that went without saying – but he... more
    • Ayla the Lion Tamer — Ayla Tremaine, Wed Oct 12 10:45
      • Better a cat than no lion at allVictor, Sun Oct 16 14:32
        Well, if all other pureblood girls had been siphoned off to other houses like Ayla had, that would explain why there were only boys in the group of first year Crotali. Victor was quite relieved – it... more
        • He's a miniature house lionAyla, Mon Oct 17 10:07
          Albus weaved his way between Ayla’s ankles, purring loudly as he rubbed against her. Usually she’d scoop him up and kiss his ears at this point, but her attention was fully on Victor. He was, after... more
          • Petition to rename the cat species!Victor, Thu Oct 20 15:01
            “Yeah, they seem pretty great,” replied Victor, suddenly feeling quite protective about his roommates and not wanting Ayla to think they were worse than her Gwen. “It’s going to be fun sharing a room ... more
            • Motion secondedAyla, Thu Nov 3 01:28
              “Oh good! I’m really glad to hear that. I truly hope it is fun, otherwise, it’s going to be a long seven years.” Ayla was hopeful that the students in her year would all get along, so it was nice to... more
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