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Sammy Meeks
An evening walk with me, myself, and I.
Thu Oct 13, 2016 23:23

Sammy strolled merrily through the Gardens as she was wont to do from time to time, taking in the pleasant scenery as well as enjoying a rare solitude. She was definitely a people-person, and she adored talking about anything with anyone, but sometimes it was still nice to get away and sort of catch up with herself. (How are you today, Sammy? Fine, Sammy, thank you for asking.) Bonding time with herself was a fun, peaceful time. She adored her friends, but sometimes it was nice to hang out alone, too.

The brunette had learned as a child that it was very important to be best friends with yourself, too, and enjoy your own company. It kept you grounded and sane when nobody else could be found.She’d been through enough dark, lonely times to appreciate herself; as long as Sammy remembered that she was never without a friend, she could get through anything. It made her feel strong and resilient.

Luckily, there weren’t many of those times to be had at Sonora. Friendly faces abounded, and even if the nearest person to you wasn’t a close friend, you could just go up and have some kind of decently pleasant conversation. She’d never encountered anyone truly mean, which was honestly a surprise for her, given her status. Sammy knew where she stood with many of her classmates, her blood status (easily the most dramatic terminology she’d ever encountered) marking her as an inferior in the minds of most her classmates’ families. But no one had, to her face, said anything negative to that end, so she felt pretty lucky. Her Muggle classmates hadn’t liked her because she was too boyish for the girls and too female for the boys, not to mention the way their parents whispered about her moms, so at least those seemed to be less problematic here. Of course, her moms weren’t here as frequently as they were when Sammy needed a ride home at the end of each day, but still, no one she’d mentioned them to had ever had any sort of verbal dilemma with it. So yeah, in summary, she had practice being alone and was pleased it was not the case here, but she hated to spoil herself on the company and forget how to be by herself.

She’d been wandering the aptly named Labyrinth Gardens for a while, and now the sun (pseudo-sun? The Pecari was still kinda unsure about the school’s properties and whatever) was beginning to dip below the horizon. That to her meant it was time to go inside. As she turned the next corner, however, she found a reason to stay out a bit longer: another student who, as far as she could tell at her current distance, seemed like they were possibly lost. “Hey,” Sammy called as she approached them. “You aren’t lost, are you? I know the way out of here, if you want to follow.”

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