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Better a cat than no lion at all
Sun Oct 16, 2016 14:32 (XFF:,

Well, if all other pureblood girls had been siphoned off to other houses like Ayla had, that would explain why there were only boys in the group of first year Crotali. Victor was quite relieved – it would have been a shame if that lack of Crotalus girls had meant a lack of pureblood girls. No, more than a shame – a complete horror. Not that Victor was prone to over-exaggeration or anything.

“I was wondering why there weren’t any Crotalus girls,” replied Victor. “But I’m sure we’ll still see lots of each other, even though we’re not in the same house. And roommates are always good to have – unless you don’t get on with them, I suppose.” It didn’t even occur to Victor that Ayla might not want to spend time with him. He wasn’t exactly arrogant, having more the confidence of someone who’d always been loved and, as the family heir, always been considered to be important. He didn’t think of himself as someone who should be admired, but never having had a negative reaction to his presence (except, of course, for all those times he snuck back downstairs when he was meant to be in bed) meant that he naturally assumed his company would be appreciated. He was a pureblood boy, she was a pureblood girl. It was suitable for them to spend time together, and he just assumed that Ayla would want to see more of him.

“Yeah, I decided to do a bit of exploring,” he explained with a nonchalant shrug, feeling pretty heroic as he said it, especially as he was talking to a pretty pureblood girl. “It’s quite cool in there, there are lots of courtyards and things.”

The Teppenpaw boys (if there were even any of them) obviously weren’t the exploring type, as he hadn’t seen any in the gardens. No, wait a minute. He paused in his analysis of the Teppenpaw boys. That wasn’t quite right – how could he know he hadn’t seen any if he didn’t know who they were? Something was definitely flawed in his reasoning. “Are there any Teppenpaw boys?” he asked, deciding to set the record straight. He could hardly compare himself to them if they were non-existent.

“What’s your cat called?” he asked, looking down at the white cat. Cats weren’t bad animals, he supposed, even if a lion would made a more interesting pet. But then, you probably weren’t allowed lions at Sonora. The staff seemed to be taking the fun out of everything.

  • Ayla the Lion TamerAyla Tremaine, Wed Oct 12 10:45
    Ayla decided that since she was going to be living at Sonora for the better part of the next seven years she needed to be able to navigate the school's grounds without a map. She'd managed to get... more
    • Better a cat than no lion at all — Victor, Sun Oct 16 14:32
      • He's a miniature house lionAyla, Mon Oct 17 10:07
        Albus weaved his way between Ayla’s ankles, purring loudly as he rubbed against her. Usually she’d scoop him up and kiss his ears at this point, but her attention was fully on Victor. He was, after... more
        • Petition to rename the cat species!Victor, Thu Oct 20 15:01
          “Yeah, they seem pretty great,” replied Victor, suddenly feeling quite protective about his roommates and not wanting Ayla to think they were worse than her Gwen. “It’s going to be fun sharing a room ... more
          • Motion secondedAyla, Thu Nov 3 01:28
            “Oh good! I’m really glad to hear that. I truly hope it is fun, otherwise, it’s going to be a long seven years.” Ayla was hopeful that the students in her year would all get along, so it was nice to... more
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