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Petition to rename the cat species!
Thu Oct 20, 2016 15:01 (XFF:,

“Yeah, they seem pretty great,” replied Victor, suddenly feeling quite protective about his roommates and not wanting Ayla to think they were worse than her Gwen. “It’s going to be fun sharing a room with them.” He hadn’t really got to know his roommates especially well yet, but things seemed to be going fine so far and he wasn’t going to sound any less than positive about them. They hadn’t really had much chance for adventure yet so he couldn’t tell how useful they’d be in that respect, but they seemed to be from decent families and that was, in his books, a Good Thing. He supposed that, being in Crotalus, there was little chance that they wouldn’t be from respectable families, so didn’t even consider that a point worth mentioning to Ayla.

The idea of showing Ayla around the labyrinth like some kind of modern-day knight made Victor stand up just that little bit straighter. ”There’s nothing I’d rather do,” he replied, grinning cheekily at the pretty witch in front of him. He definitely liked the idea of being a knight in shining armour for a pureblood witch, especially one like Ayla who also seemed fun. “I suppose it is quite big, but I’m fairly confident I know my way around it now. And if something does go wrong, at least we we’d be lost together.” Okay, he might be slightly exaggerating its size, but Victor did like to feel as if he was some impressive explorer, and to be one of those you had to have an impressive territory to conquer.

Two boys in Teppenpaw house? Well, the musician didn’t sound like he would be much competition. After all, Jehan liked music, and Victor would never consider his younger brother a threat to Victor’s title of Intrepid Explorer and Charmer of Pureblood Ladies. Jehan just didn’t have enough go about him for that. It wasn’t that Victor disliked music - in fact, he was quite fond of making large amounts of noise on drums and the like - but he thought that anyone who could be referred to as a musician probably didn’t spend enough time living dangerously in the Great Outdoors to challenge Victor. The other boy didn’t sound particularly alarming, if Ayla hadn’t managed to talk to him yet, particularly as she seemed a very friendly girl. He vaguely wondered if it might be Kir, the boy he’d spoken to at orientation, although really he had little idea as to where he might have ended up. Their conversation hadn’t been that deep.

Asking about the cat - Albus - definitely seemed to have been a good idea, judging by Ayla’s reaction. He looked like a pretty cool cat too, even if his hunting attempts during the conversation had been mildly pitiful. Still, what else could you expect of a pet? “Hi, Albus,” said Victor, giving the cat a bit of a pat on the head. “I’m Victor.” Yeah, ok, he might look a bit weird talking to a cat, but Ayla had introduced him and some kind of reaction was needed. Plus, Victor liked animals. Even though they probably couldn’t speak human, they understood more than they were often given credit for.

“I’ve only got an owl with me,” replied Victor. His father had decided that an owl was a practical pet for a boy to have, so Victor had received an owl for his seventh birthday. Said owl had been of little use until now, but Victor was quite fond of the creature. It was an eagle-owl, so looked suitably fierce, even if a young Victor had decided to name it ‘Dragon’. He couldn’t exactly change the name now, as the owl refused to respond to anything else, but he wasn’t exactly going to mention the slightly stupid name to Ayla. “We’ve got a few dogs at home though, and also a cat that my brother found abandoned a couple of years ago.” It would be Jehan would found a starving kitten, and somehow convinced their parents to let it stay. The cat was quite cute, and Victor enjoyed the odd game of can-you-catch-the-string with it.

  • He's a miniature house lionAyla, Mon Oct 17 10:07
    Albus weaved his way between Ayla’s ankles, purring loudly as he rubbed against her. Usually she’d scoop him up and kiss his ears at this point, but her attention was fully on Victor. He was, after... more
    • Petition to rename the cat species! — Victor, Thu Oct 20 15:01
      • Motion secondedAyla, Thu Nov 3 01:28
        “Oh good! I’m really glad to hear that. I truly hope it is fun, otherwise, it’s going to be a long seven years.” Ayla was hopeful that the students in her year would all get along, so it was nice to... more
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