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Well, at least we've got company then
Sun Oct 23, 2016 07:57

“Oh hey, Tess. No - it’s nice to see you,” Raine smiled, when Tess checked she wasn’t disturbing her. She was glad for the opportunity to catch up with her friend. Things hadn’t been so great for Tess during the summer. Raine had been sorry to hear about her sister - personally, she hated hospitals and doctors, and the thought of all summer in such a place just made her insides squirm. It must have been so horrible and scary for everyone in Tess’s family. She wasn’t really sure what to say to Tess about it, but Raine liked to think that she made a good listener. She tried to think about how people might be feeling, and just let them sort of talk it all out.

“How is everything?” she asked. She didn’t like to ask too directly, because maybe Tess had got her mind off things for a bit, or just didn’t want to talk about them right now. Raine thought she should give her the chance to talk about it, in case she needed or wanted to, but not push it with a question that forced the subject to come up.

“Um. I try to. I tend to do it more when I feel like I need to, whereas it’d probably be good to just do it as a regular routine. Would you like to know about it?” she asked, when Tess said she wasn’t really familiar with meditation. Some people would probably have just launched straight into an explanation but Raine liked to know people were really interested before she took to her soapbox.

OOC - permission gained from Tess’s author for Raine to know the general situation

  • Feeling slightly the sameTess Whittaker, Fri Oct 21 14:48
    Being back at Sonora was definitely going far better than Tess had expected. The distractions of everyday school life did help take her mind off all the things she couldn’t control, although she was... more
    • Well, at least we've got company then — Raine, Sun Oct 23 07:57
      • And company makes things a lot better!Tess, Mon Oct 24 14:36
        Tess smiled back at Raine, glad her presence wasn’t unwanted. It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with her friend, as much as she did love it when they were all in a group together. She bit her ... more
        • Happy and hoping to helpRaine, Tue Oct 25 06:24
          Tess decided to answer her question fully. Raine steeled herself, ready for Tess to say difficult things where she might not know the right thing to say in response. She’d asked her, after all, and... more
          • And you are helping!Tess, Wed Nov 9 15:06
            Raine was such a good friend. There was something very relieving about being able to say what she was thinking, sure that Raine wouldn’t judge her for it. And more than that, Raine knew exactly what... more
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