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And company makes things a lot better!
Mon Oct 24, 2016 14:36 (XFF:,

Tess smiled back at Raine, glad her presence wasn’t unwanted. It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with her friend, as much as she did love it when they were all in a group together.

She bit her lip at Raine’s question, unsure of whether she should go with the usual ‘fine’ or actually tell Raine how she was. It was often easier just to assure people that she was okay rather than launch into anything more complex, especially as she was sure that, whilst people wanted to be nice, they didn’t actually want to cope with how Tess was actually feeling. Besides, Tess was very much the bottle-it-up type of person, preferring to keep her sadness and fears to herself rather than ruining other people’s day. However, this was Raine. Raine was one of Tess’s closest friends, she was easy to talk to, and Tess was sure that Raine wouldn’t mind if she ended up having a slight breakdown.

Her face crumpled slightly, losing its normal smile. “I just want to know what’s going to happen to Emma,” she said, sitting down next to the other girl. “But at the same time I don’t want to know anything at all, I want to forget that there’s anything wrong and stop thinking that I might never see Emma again.”

“It’s not fair, why can’t Emma just be a normal little baby?” she asked despairingly, immediately regretting the question, which was hardly an easy one for Raine to respond to. As much as she hated the problems that Emma was facing, she’d never wish for her little sister to be anyone other than who she was. “I’m sorry, that’s a stupid thing to say. I just… I just feel so helpless, being here and never being able to do anything.”

Tess blinked quickly and wiped her hand across her eyes, trying not to break down in tears, and opted for a small smile and subject change instead. “But what about you? Are you alright?” she asked, not wanting to focus solely on what was going on in her life and unsure if Raine was okay, after what she’d said about only meditating when she needed to. If there was anything Tess was learning from the whole Emma situation, it was that having people there for her, people she knew she could talk to, made all the difference, and she was determined to be there for her friends too if they ever needed her, no matter how big or small the problem.

“Yes, do tell me about meditation,” she encouraged, always interested in things she hadn’t really tried, especially when they related to her friends.

  • Well, at least we've got company thenRaine, Sun Oct 23 07:57
    “Oh hey, Tess. No - it’s nice to see you,” Raine smiled, when Tess checked she wasn’t disturbing her. She was glad for the opportunity to catch up with her friend. Things hadn’t been so great for... more
    • And company makes things a lot better! — Tess, Mon Oct 24 14:36
      • Happy and hoping to helpRaine, Tue Oct 25 06:24
        Tess decided to answer her question fully. Raine steeled herself, ready for Tess to say difficult things where she might not know the right thing to say in response. She’d asked her, after all, and... more
        • And you are helping!Tess, Wed Nov 9 15:06
          Raine was such a good friend. There was something very relieving about being able to say what she was thinking, sure that Raine wouldn’t judge her for it. And more than that, Raine knew exactly what... more
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