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Kellen Mormont
Testing Boundaries
Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:39

Kellen hadn't signed up for science club last year. He hadn't participated in any of the clubs actually, and he'd regretted it a little. Making friends wasn't the easiest for him, as his middle name may as well have been Awkward, but he figured that being around people with similar interests was a good place to start. Just look at him and Farrah. Thankfully, his middle name was Gregory, and it was a new year, with new opportunities. He was definitely going to participate in book club, that was a given considering how much he read. The second year hadn't really considered any of the others announced so far though, that was until a new club flyer piqued his interest.

Maybe ‘struck fear into his heart’ was a more appropriate phrase. ”Walk on water!” That. Sounded. Horrible. He was going to just give up on whatever club this was right then, but then he read the part about it being science club, and that there was actually a method to the madness that the flyer proposed. Kellen signed and wrote down the time and place the meeting was to occur. He'd need to do some serious thinking on whether or not to go, but regardless, he had absolutely no plans to walk on water. Not a chance. Zero. Zilch.

Science club couldn't be all about water though, right? Surface tension aside, there were lots of other sciencey things to learn that didn't include possibly drowning. Just thinking about it felt like someone had set a huge block of ice on his chest. Plus, these clubs generally weren't hosted by an adult of any kind, so that was risky too.

Then again, he could just watch, nothing was likely to happen if he remained on the shore. What if someone did fall in though? The second year had no notion of how deep the pond was, and watching someone else drown wasn't likely going to be any more pleasant than drowning himself. And who knew what actually lived in there? That was a horror in it's own right.

But on the other hand…

Kellen wasn't the type to turn down a learning opportunity. He was a true, blue Aladren. He'd made a deal with Farrah that he'd ice skate with her in the water room on a pond like one near her home once he'd conquered his fear. He'd given himself a year to do it though, and yet here was Science club, rubbing it right in his face. It would be a step in the right direction though, if he could manage to convince himself to go.

The morning of the science club meeting, Kellen had skipped breakfast. He considered skipping lunch too, as his stomach was literally a bundle of knots, but he needed to eat something. If he didn't, he'd be anxious and hypoglycemic. Not a good combo. He had a light lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon pacing in his room. If he was going to go, he'd need to leave soon. Kellen ran a hand through his dark hair and decided. ”Screw it, go. You can always decide to leave.” He sighed, and grabbed a heavy hoodie from his trunk. He slipped it over his thin frame, feeling instantly better about things, and headed for the gardens.

The fear didn't really sink in at first. He was able to get a cookie and some water (kind of an odd combo, he thought) and settle himself on one of the towels near Farrah. He wasn't terribly surprised to see her, being a fellow nerd, but her mere presence helped, and he was thankful for that.

Soon Clark started the lecture, which explained why he'd chosen water as a beverage. Kellen crumbled some of the cookie into his water as instructed, and it was just as Clark said it would be. The second year wasn’t quite prepared for the actual pond demonstration though, and as the older boy stepped out onto the water, he felt all the blood rush from his face. He vaguely registered the spell, and just watched, eyes wide with fear. He obviously wasn't doing a great job of hiding the fact that he was terrified as he found his hand entwined with Farrah's.

That did not compute. How was he holding Farrah's hand? Did he grab her hand out of fear? Did she take his? He was suddenly very aware of how clammy and shaky he was, despite wearing a hoodie, though maybe he was sweating because of the hoodie? It was one of the weird things that comforted him when he was feeling anxious. It wasn’t tight by any means, but the weight of the fabric made him feel like he was being hugged almost. Maybe Farrah was trying to comfort him as well, and while it worked (and definitely kept him from up and running away all together), it woke a whole new set of feelings. Was his hand as cold and sweaty as he was feeling? He hoped not, no one wanted to hold a hand that was both cold AND sweaty. He’d never held a girl’s hand before, and this wasn’t how he had imagined it.

Kellen felt as if his chest was squeezing in on itself. He couldn’t tell if it was anxiety or adrenaline, but his heart was racing, and he was struggling to keep it together. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on his breathing, that always seemed to help. ”Breathe in for four seconds. Hold for seven. Out for eight.” He did this a few times, and when he opened his grey blue eyes to find that Clark was fine, and very much not drowning, he felt somewhat relieved. “Farrah, you can go and try it, if you want.” Kellen said with a smile that probably came off as more of a grimace. “I’m ok. I’ll just be right here, but I’m ok.” He added, more for himself than for her benefit. “Thank you…” He gave her hand a quick, yet gentle squeeze before letting go of it. He pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them as he watched others attempt the Gerridae spell. Each new attempt became easier and easier to watch. Maybe one day, he’d be able to try it, but it wasn’t today.

((ooc: Farrah used with permission from the author.))

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