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Farrah Welsh
Testing the water.
Sat Oct 29, 2016 22:01

Science club was probably the closest thing to actual science class that Farrah was going to get while at Sonora. Unless Muggle Studies provided those kinds of lessons, but since she was not old enough just yet to take it, she would have no way of really knowing. Her parents were getting her a tutor for her summers though so that she didnít fall behind on her regular lessons in the Non-Magical world (she was not happy about having to study during her summers, but also happy that she would still understand things that her friends would be learning). She had really enjoyed all the lessons that Clark had provided to them last year, so Science club was definitely something she was looking forward to this term and his first poster of his club did not disappoint her.

Farrah went down early and followed along some others who she recognized from last yearís meet ups until they were at the pond. She grabbed a cup of water and a cookie before finding a free towel to sit on. She was so excited to try to walk on water (although she had no idea what a water strider was and wondered if perhaps she ought to research that before she came, but she didnít). As she waited, Farrah was surprised to see that Kellen was joining the club, especially for a lesson like today, but she smiled happily at him as he took a seat on the towel next to her.

She listened intently as Clark started the meeting and the lecture. Farrah, like a good little Aladren that she was, had her notebook and pen with her and took notes while Clark explained the science behind it. She raised her hand when he mentioned The Incredibles (honestly, who didnít like Pixar films?) and grinned to herself when she knew the exact scene that he was talking about. She realized that the water strider was the bug she always say in the pond during the summer, so she didnít move from her spot when he called people up to have a look. Once the actual lecture part of it was done and she had written the spell and the wand movement, Farrah looked up to see Clark walk out onto the water. She turned a smile towards Kellen but the smile vanished at the sight of his face.

On instinct, Farrah reached out and took his hand as a sign of support and comfort. She didnít even think twice about it. It was the same to her as hugging him and since she thought hugging him would draw way too much attention that he probably didnít want, holding his hand was the next best thing. It was clear that this meeting was just bringing up his fear again and she felt so terrible for him. She wanted him to enjoy the club but she also didnít want him to put himself in an uncomfortable position either.

Her attention returned to Clark as he called everyone up to start trying the spell. She wanted to go up and try it because it seemed like such a fun thing to do, but she didnít want to leave Kellen alone when he was clearly having a hard time dealing with the lesson. Kellen told her to go but she shook her head at him. When he reassured her again, Farrah looked uncertain. ďAre you sure?Ē She asked. He gave her hand a squeeze before dropping it. Farrah hesitated for another moment before standing up an walking over to the pond with everyone else. She gave another look to Kellen before turning to the pond and giving it a go. She did the spell as instructed and tentatively put her foot out onto the water. She didnít mind getting wet, but she also didnít want to mess up her spell work. Her foot sank into the water. Not completely, as she couldnít feel the ground, but much further than it should have and her sneaker became damp with water. She frowned. This was not going to be as easy as she hoped it would be.

OOC: Discussion regarding the interaction between Farrah and Kellen happened with Kellenís author

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