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Thu Nov 3, 2016 01:28

“Oh good! I’m really glad to hear that. I truly hope it is fun, otherwise, it’s going to be a long seven years.” Ayla was hopeful that the students in her year would all get along, so it was nice to hear that things in Crotalus were off to a decent start. She couldn’t foresee any issues arising within her house either. If anything, she imagined any drama would likely come from Aladren. While she was still jealous of Kit for having that many roommates, too many girls in one room seemed like a recipe for trouble. However, Pecari was still largely an unknown for the Teppenpaw girl, so she couldn’t completely write them off either.

Ayla wasn’t one to blush, but she might have considering Victor’s response to giving her the grand tour of the labyrinth. She couldn’t quite tell if he was just being a gentleman or if he was flirting with her. Did 11 year olds flirt? Either way, Ayla was definitely happy to have met him, and would be glad for his company in the maze. He was handsome, confident, and didn’t seem the type to be afraid of snakes or spiders, so she anticipated that he’d be able to protect her if they encountered any.

“Great! I’m looking forward to it,” She said with a smile, exposing the dimples on either of her cheeks. “Even if we do get lost. It’ll be an adventure!” Ayla wasn’t the type to do things like that on her own, but the way Victor spoke about knowing his way around was confidence inspiring. Plus, she was getting the impression that even if they did get lost, that it’d be fun. Assuming there were no spiders. Or snakes.

When Victor introduced himself to Albus, Ayla thought she could very well melt. It was just so...adorable? She was sure he wouldn’t approve of the term being used to describe him, so she refrained, but she definitely thought it. He could have just ignored him, but he didn’t, and Alby was basically the petite blonde’s baby, so it made a big impression on her. She was going to have to watch herself around this boy, for sure.

“Owls are definitely more useful, but not quite as cuddly.” Ayla teased as she set Albus back on the ground and brushed off the front of her dress, in case any of his long white hair was left behind. “Dogs are good, but I’m more of a cat person. We have horses at home, but no other animals. My mom isn’t the biggest fan, I’m lucky she let me get this guy.” She looked down at Albus, who had once again, rolled onto his back and was looking up at her rather pathetically. “You have a brother though? How old is he? I have two myself, and two sisters. Any other siblings?” She asked, turning her gaze back to Victor.

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    “Yeah, they seem pretty great,” replied Victor, suddenly feeling quite protective about his roommates and not wanting Ayla to think they were worse than her Gwen. “It’s going to be fun sharing a room ... more
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