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Kit Reid
Finally here
Mon Nov 7, 2016 21:20

Kit was excited by the advertisement that had been on the poster. Who wouldnít want to try walking on water? And that is how she found herself Sunday afternoon at the Labyrinth Pond. She wasnít sure who would all show up, but she was hoping that she wouldnít be the only younger year to join. She took one of the offered snacks. If she wasnít careful, she was going to weigh a ton with each club seemingly offering snacks.

Taking a seat on the towel, Kit folded her legs under her. She nibbled on her cookie while listening to Clark speak. She followed him all the way up to where he started talking about the Incredibles. She had no idea what that was. But thankfully, it didnít seem that she needed to since he continued on to the main point of why it was brought up. The entire idea sounded cool. Someone going so fast that they didnít break the surface of the water. She wondered if anything could actually do that. Most muggles didnít know of wizards, so there could be things out there that wizards didnít know about. Or maybe they did and she just hadnít learned about what creatures could.

And she was lost again at the mention of hydrogen bonds and the like. She hadnít had courses for anything advanced in science. She had only the basic courses offered through tutoring. But she followed the idea of basically some sort of thin magical skin supporting the weight. She wasnít sure if she was going to be able to perform the spell or not. It might have been above her level, but she was excited to try anyhow. It wasnít as though she would get hurt if she ended up in the water. Merely, her hair would get ruined.

Taking off her jewelry so that it didnít get lost, she slipped it into her bag and pulled her hair up into a bun. She didnít want to have to deal with a bunch of tangles if she did fall in the water. After doing so, she went out towards the water. Pulling out her wand, she said the spell. Tentatively, she placed a foot out only toÖĒOh, itís wet!Ē It was an entirely stupid statement given that if her foot went into the water, it was going to obviously be wet. With a sad smile, she looked at her wet shoe. Oh, well. Spells were always a risk.

  • Science Club!Clark Dill, Wed Oct 26 11:17
    Being Quidditch Captain was kind of cool - only in Aladren could 'total nerd' and 'sports captain' be synonymous, and of course being a prefect and library monitor meant the staff trusted him, but... more
    • Finally here — Kit Reid, Mon Nov 7 21:20
    • Testing the water.Farrah Welsh, Sat Oct 29 22:01
      Science club was probably the closest thing to actual science class that Farrah was going to get while at Sonora. Unless Muggle Studies provided those kinds of lessons, but since she was not old... more
    • Testing BoundariesKellen Mormont, Fri Oct 28 11:39
      Kellen hadn't signed up for science club last year. He hadn't participated in any of the clubs actually, and he'd regretted it a little. Making friends wasn't the easiest for him, as his middle name... more
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