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Laila Kennedy
Tell me more, tell me more.
Tue Nov 8, 2016 01:50

It had been a few days since the revelation that Jax and Joella were dating. And then the revelation a few seconds later that they weren’t actually dating but rather just…hooking up? Was that a polite term for it? Laila didn’t know, she had only gone out with one boy two times, and it had been Scottie Tucker so the extent of her relationship knowledge was really limited to trashy teen romance novels like her most recent obsession, Blood Moon Rising. And even there the characters were all trying to get in relationships with each other. In fact, the main reason Laila liked the novels was because of how the main character, Clementine Hart, really stuck to her beliefs and didn’t let any of the supernatural creatures take advantage of her.

With time the initial hurt had faded although it still stung when she spent a lot of time thinking about it, and so Laila had really thrown herself into her school work and planning for the Halloween party. With all her commitments—Spirit Club, Baking Club, Library Assistant, Book Club, and Intermediate level classes, she hadn’t had a lot of free time to hang out in the gardens with Professor Xavier as of late, but it came one morning when she realized that most of her work was done. There was not much left for her to do for the Halloween party—the club had already decided on decorations and when to meet, she and Tess had agreed that Tess would be the main person in charge of Baking Club’s roll in the Fundraising Committee’s Halloween bake sale, by some miracle she had finished all her weekend homework the night before and she wasn’t due to be helping in the library until the next day.

Now that she had a day of free time, she thought she might pay a visit to Professor Xavier and see if he didn’t want her help. She felt really bad about abandoning him even though she knew that he liked to be left alone, but he had always been so nice to her and helping in the gardens was so relaxing. It was as she was walking in the gardens, noticing new flowers and spots where certain plants had one been but been removed for whatever reason, that Laila realized she had been so focused on forgetting about Joella and Jax that she hadn’t been to the Gardens in ages. She was letting herself get lost in the labyrinth, just content to being back in what was probably her favorite part of the school when she ran into Sammy.

It had been awhile since Laila had properly talked to Sammy—around the same time Sammy had abruptly left dinner announcing that she’d left the oven on, actually, and Laila wondered if that revelation’d had anything to do with the absence of cheerful Sammy Meeks. And that was when Sammy started to talk and Laila’s suspicions were confirmed. She felt her heart sinking. She had resolved after going back to her room later that night after the Dinner Fiasco that no one would ever find out about her embarrassing crush on Jax, and even Sammy saying she wanted to talk about that night didn’t make Laila want to open up at all. In fact, it made Laila feel as though she needed to be even more tight-lipped than ever. Did Sammy like Jax too?

Even though she really didn’t want to talk to Sammy about this, she pushed back those feelings for what was best for her friend and bit her lip, nodding. “Sure thing,” she said with a tight smile. “Let’s look for somewhere to sit down, yeah?”

  • She was never mine to lose [Laila]Sammy Meeks, Sun Nov 6 23:46
    To put it bluntly, things sucked. Jax was involved with Joella, and Sammy couldn’t even let herself properly nurse her broken heart because, for the very first time since the day she set foot on the... more
    • Tell me more, tell me more. — Laila Kennedy, Tue Nov 8 01:50
      • A flair for the dramaticsSammy, Tue Nov 8 02:35
        The hard part wasn’t coming out. Sammy didn’t believe in that garbage. There was no big announcement to be had, no big deal to be made, no rainbow banner (or, in Sammy’s case, a pink, purple, and... more
        • Well then, let us heal together.Laila, Mon Nov 14 17:10
          Heart beating fast, Laila took a seat next to her older friend and prepared herself to console the Pecari beater and do her best to act as though the thought of liking Jax Donovan had never crossed... more
          • This was it. The eye of the hurricane. Sammy had raged and ached and was likely to do so again, but now it was Laila’s turn to say something. It was likely going to be something calming, an “I’m... more
            • The calm after the storm?Laila, Sat Nov 26 18:46
              Mamma had always said that listening without giving advice was sometimes what other people needed, and since Laila didn’t really feel like there was much advice she could give, she opted to just stay ... more
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