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A flair for the dramatics
Tue Nov 8, 2016 02:35

The hard part wasn’t coming out. Sammy didn’t believe in that garbage. There was no big announcement to be had, no big deal to be made, no rainbow banner (or, in Sammy’s case, a pink, purple, and blue banner) to be waved in the background. Straight people didn’t have to make a show of it; a girl just went, Hey, I like this boy. Sammy thought everybody deserved that casualness.

The hard part was saying, out loud, that she, Sammy Meeks, had the kind of romantic feelings for somebody that had the magnitude and fire to basically ruin her life. It had been hard enough telling Gia about the crush last year, and that was a necessary panic. Since then, the feelings had grown way more than Sammy had thought was even possible, and now she had to tell Laila since she couldn’t talk to Gia about it right now. Not that she had any problems with Laila--she did not expect a bad reaction to the… well, gayness of the situation; she was pretty sure the Crotalus’s religion wouldn’t get in the way, especially since Sammy had gone to church with her before--but Gia was easily the closest friend Sammy had ever had in her whole entire life. Now she had to confide something pretty big in someone else, and it felt weird.

“Okay,” she replied to Laila’s suggestion of a seat. “I think I see a bench right over there.” The Pecari led the charge over to the bench, but almost immediately after sitting, she was back on her feet, a slight nervous pacing rocking her back and forth. “Okay, so,” she began, her voice a little too loud. She kept her eyes down, as if she were yelling at the grass as she walked over it. “I’m really sorry for ruining lunch the other day, but I had a really bad reaction to Jax and Joella, and I couldn’t pretend to be happy for them when it felt like somebody was stabbing me inside. And that’s what it felt like, honestly. It felt like being stabbed dude, because… because….”

Sammy stopped dead, her eyes leaping from the grass and up to Laila. “I think I’m in love with Joella,” she exclaimed melodramatically. There was a tense second where she just stared at her friend, but then she went back to pacing and shouting at the ground. “I’ve had this huge crush on her since, like, forever now, so the fact that Jax is doing stuff with her really hurts. But I can’t be mad at him because it’s not like he knew, but he’s my friend and it just sucks! I want him to be happy, but why does he have to be happy with her?!”

She took a deep breath to calm down; if she let herself get any more fired up, she would burst out sobbing. And Sammy was NOT a crier, so that was Not Allowed to happen. The brunette sat sadly on the bench. “What sucks the worst is that Gia knows. She’s known for a while. So now she’s stuck in the middle, because she knows I’m gonna be upset.” Sammy looked at Laila, her eyes tainted by a few stubborn tears. She cursed them mentally but had no way to un-cry them now. “I hate that I hurt and it makes Gia hurt, and everything sucks. I told her I was gonna be okay, and I'd get over it, but I think I maybe lied.”

  • Tell me more, tell me more.Laila Kennedy, Tue Nov 8 01:50
    It had been a few days since the revelation that Jax and Joella were dating. And then the revelation a few seconds later that they weren’t actually dating but rather just…hooking up? Was that a... more
    • A flair for the dramatics — Sammy, Tue Nov 8 02:35
      • Well then, let us heal together.Laila, Mon Nov 14 17:10
        Heart beating fast, Laila took a seat next to her older friend and prepared herself to console the Pecari beater and do her best to act as though the thought of liking Jax Donovan had never crossed... more
        • This was it. The eye of the hurricane. Sammy had raged and ached and was likely to do so again, but now it was Laila’s turn to say something. It was likely going to be something calming, an “I’m... more
          • The calm after the storm?Laila, Sat Nov 26 18:46
            Mamma had always said that listening without giving advice was sometimes what other people needed, and since Laila didn’t really feel like there was much advice she could give, she opted to just stay ... more
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