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Wed Nov 9, 2016 15:06 (XFF:,

Raine was such a good friend. There was something very relieving about being able to say what she was thinking, sure that Raine wouldn’t judge her for it. And more than that, Raine knew exactly what to say to makes Tess feel a little bit better, both about the situation and her own thoughts. Raine was right; Emma was such an amazing little bundle of person and Tess wouldn’t change anything about her, not really. Emma was who she was, and Tess wouldn’t have her any other way.

Despite Raine’s concern that her question wasn’t the most tactful, it was actually a very good thing to remind Tess of. Her unfinished question was easily understood, a way of asking that was very familiar to Tess after having to ask so many questions without wanting to properly put certain possibilities into words.

“They...It’s not definite,” said Tess, trying to explain exactly what she understood the situation to be. “There is a chance she’ll survive, and she’s already had one operation, which makes it a little more likely. She’ll have another one in the new year, and if she makes it through that then the situation becomes a lot better.” In some ways, that was what made it so hard. No definites meant the doctors were always talking about possibilities, when all Tess wanted was to know exactly what was going to happen. Instead, she was always given phrases such as ‘if she survives this long’...‘If she doesn’t die during the second operation’...There was no clear cut answer, but Tess knew that things could be worse a lot worse.

“There’s definitely some hope,” she said, the words cheering her up as she said them, even though there was no guarantee that the best case scenario would be achieved. She was, after all, a naturally optimistic person, and even the hardships of the last few months hadn’t fully erased that quality.

“Well, I’m glad to be of service then,” replied Tess, smiling at her friend. She was glad of an opportunity to help Raine, even if it was just by providing company. Company was always a nice thing to have.

“Yeah, that makes sense. It sounds a really good thing to do, actually,” said Tess, well aware that she spent too much time worrying over things she couldn’t change. The idea of meditation was something that intrigued her, and she decided to give it a go at some point, in the solitude of her dorm. It was definitely worth a try.

“So where do you pick up things like that?” she asked, intrigued as to how Raine knew so much about all manner of things that Tess had only a passing knowledge of.

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  • Happy and hoping to helpRaine, Tue Oct 25 06:24
    Tess decided to answer her question fully. Raine steeled herself, ready for Tess to say difficult things where she might not know the right thing to say in response. She’d asked her, after all, and... more
    • And you are helping! — Tess, Wed Nov 9 15:06
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