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In the eye of the hurricane, there is quiet.
Tue Nov 15, 2016 02:56

This was it. The eye of the hurricane. Sammy had raged and ached and was likely to do so again, but now it was Lailaís turn to say something. It was likely going to be something calming, an ďIím sorry youíre hurting, but try to move forward.Ē Something gentle and nice, just like Laila. The calm of the storm that was Sammyís life.

The Crotalusís reassurance that Sammy would have another chance at love didnít actually make her feel better--she didnít want another chance, she wanted this chance, but it was all ruined because, for once, she hadnít spoken up--but having Laila here and trying, in sort of an odd way, did the job well enough in and of itself. She was clearly out of her element, not having, as far as Sammy knew, very much experience with dating and junk, but she was trying. It meant a lot.

She felt a cold hand slide into hers and a head rest on her shoulder. Sammy echoed the audible sigh that accompanied them, squeezing the hand and leaning her head on top of Lailaís. Evidently, the second wave of the storm she had expected had dissipated; she felt too sad to really be angry anymore. ďI just donít want anybody to hurt more,Ē said Sammy weakly. She knew that lying was bad, but she just wanted Gia not to worry. She just felt stupid and heartbroken and sad, and she didnít want any of that to transfer over to Gia, as well as the inevitable conflict of knowing how not okay Sammy was with Jax and Joella. ďIíll be honest later, when Iím actually over it. Iíll get over itÖ right?Ē

Sammy lifted her head so she could look imploringly at her friend. It was only now that she realized there were tears on her face. Freaking great. Some had probably fallen on top of Lailaís head, which was the last thing she wanted. She swiped viciously at the wet spots on her face, like maybe if she got rid of the lingering evidence fast enough, she could pretend it never happened. It seemed the storm would not pass through so tamely, demanding a little rain along the way. ďThis sucks,Ē she reiterated.

  • Well then, let us heal together.Laila, Mon Nov 14 17:10
    Heart beating fast, Laila took a seat next to her older friend and prepared herself to console the Pecari beater and do her best to act as though the thought of liking Jax Donovan had never crossed... more
    • In the eye of the hurricane, there is quiet. — Sammy, Tue Nov 15 02:56
      • The calm after the storm?Laila, Sat Nov 26 18:46
        Mamma had always said that listening without giving advice was sometimes what other people needed, and since Laila didnít really feel like there was much advice she could give, she opted to just stay ... more
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