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The calm after the storm?
Sat Nov 26, 2016 18:46

Mamma had always said that listening without giving advice was sometimes what other people needed, and since Laila didn’t really feel like there was much advice she could give, she opted to just stay quiet and squeeze Sammy’s hand back. Breathing and letting Sammy let it out. She nodded when Sammy asked her if shed get over it, but only because she knew that was the expected answer. Right now she didn’t feel much hope, she was in the process of letting go herself—she hadn’t realized just how much she’d actually believed Jax liked her until his relationship with Joella had been announced. It made her sad to think that two such wonderful people could just use each other like that. She supposed that was the part that hurt most of all.

When Sammy’s head lifted so she could talk again, Laila noticed the older girl had been crying. Laila had thought she’d felt wetness on her head, but she hadn’t been sure—maybe it was just sweat. She had a lot of hair and two bodies next to each other made sweat sometimes. Gross, that wasn’t a very ladylike thought… She resisted the urge to wipe Sammy’s tears away only because it was such a familiar gesture—that of a mother or a boyfriend and since Laila was neither of those things, she’d have to keep her hands to herself. “It does suck,” she said quietly, thinking about the hurdles she would have to jump over herself, wishing she had as much courage as Sammy to admit her own crush. But, she didn’t—she was afraid of change and she was afraid of breaking the rules, and that was why she was in Crotalus and not Pecari.

“But you’ll be okay, we’ll all be okay, and pretty soon we’ll all sit together and it’ll be just like before the evil Crush Monster decided to ravage the group,” she hoped her feeble attempt at a Sammy-style-ism would bring a smile to the teary fifth year’s face. Sammy was such a happy person and Laila didn’t like seeing her sad.

  • This was it. The eye of the hurricane. Sammy had raged and ached and was likely to do so again, but now it was Laila’s turn to say something. It was likely going to be something calming, an “I’m... more
    • The calm after the storm? — Laila, Sat Nov 26 18:46
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