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Gia Donovan
Time for some truths...
Sun Jan 8, 2017 20:56

Gia was pacing around the Labyrinth lost in her own thoughts. She felt like she was going to have another breakdown and it had nothing to do with her friends and everything to do with herself and her family. There were so many secrets that she was keeping about herself from her friends, or more importantly, her best friend, and it was just making her feel ill inside. Normally, she could just push it all down and deal with it but with the CATS exams coming up causing her even more pressure, she needed to just let one of the things out. Just tell someone something, anything, that would help lighten the burden that she had on herself.

Obviously she could not divulge the biggest secret of them all because it was her brother’s secret. Yes the secret basically determined everything about her life since she was four years old, but it was still his and she would support his decision to keep it a secret for as long as he needed it to be so. She hoped that one day he would feel confident enough to tell their friends that he had this whatever one would call it (she hated to say curse or infliction the way her brother did but he was also not the beast that he felt that he was so she didn’t like to call him a werewolf) but she wasn’t sure he would ever really say the words himself. He hated that part of him. He hated how it happened. He hated how he was immediately discarded because of it. He hated all that it was and Gia understood that, but she had more faith in people.

Or she thought she did.

But here she was wandering around trying to get her life in order so that she could stop feeling so lost and guilty all the time. It was ridiculous. Phoebe was right, this was who she was and people would either accept it and be okay with it or deny her and that would be the end of that. Gia was loathed to think that her friends would be shallow in such ways, but with Laila being religious and Peizhi being a bit of an unknown to Gia, she did not know how they would react to her.

But there was Sammy. Sammy who was like her. Sammy was bound to understand and be accepting. If she knew, if Gia finally let it out that she was different and didn’t have to hide that part of herself to her best friend, maybe she’d feel a little bit better. At least for a little while.

Walking back to the Pecari Commons, she happened across the very person that she wanted to talk to. “Sammy!” Gia called out and gave her a smile. She indicated for Sammy to come to her with a nod of her head. “Hey, I, er, I had something that I wanted to tell you. Do you mind walking with me?” She asked her friend.

    • For obvious reasons, Sammy only knew where the entrance to one Common Room was located, but even without knowing the others, she was confident that Pecari’s was the coolest. She adored the Gardens... more
      • Gia nodded as Sammy agreed to walk with her and supported her with being open to whatever it was that Gia needed to tell her. Gia tried to feel better about telling her now but the nerves were only... more
        • Zero part of this is ominous! Weee!!Sammy, Tue Jan 17 01:58
          She seemed really nervous about saying whatever it was she wanted to say, and that made Sammy actually super buckle down into Serious Mode™. Gia wasn’t usually particularly hesitant, so this had to... more
          • That's good to hear!Gia, Tue Jan 17 18:50
            Gia was not sure what she expected to happen after she admitted to Sammy that she was both interested in girls and guys, but she did not expect the high pitched squealing sound that emitted from her... more
            • Everything about this is good!Sammy, Thu Jan 19 00:14
              Gia asked her not to say anything, and Sammy nodded seriously. Just because she herself was open with her sexuality didn’t mean everybody else who struggled with it would be, and she would never... more
              • Some of it, not allGia, Thu Jan 19 18:03
                Gia found herself surprised that Laila knew about Sammy’s sexual orientation. She had thought that Sammy had only ever confided in her about it She wasn’t sure why she had thought that, perhaps... more
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