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Sammy Meeks
The ellipses makes that seem ominous, but I'm in anyway.
Thu Jan 12, 2017 15:44

For obvious reasons, Sammy only knew where the entrance to one Common Room was located, but even without knowing the others, she was confident that Pecari’s was the coolest. She adored the Gardens and was very happy to have the door to her home be hidden there. It made going out for a stroll super convenient, and every morning, she was greeted by a menagerie of plants, all smiling - metaphorically, of course - and happy to see her.

And speaking of, just a few strides after emerging from behind the knight-guarded opening, she stumbled upon someone who was very happy to see her. Sammy smiled back at her best friend. “Hey, Gia!” she called in greeting.

Sammy jogged over closer and followed at her side as her body language indicated wanting her to. Gia wanted to tell her something? The other Pecari seemed a bit hesitant over it, which made Sammy a little bit nervous, but she did her best to seem secure and comforting. “Yeah, we can walk,” she answered. “And you can tell me anything you like.” Sammy meant that with all of her heart, and it showed in her tone. She was there for Gia, always. “So what’s up?”

  • Time for some truths...Gia Donovan, Sun Jan 8 20:56
    Gia was pacing around the Labyrinth lost in her own thoughts. She felt like she was going to have another breakdown and it had nothing to do with her friends and everything to do with herself and her ... more
    • The ellipses makes that seem ominous, but I'm in anyway. — Sammy Meeks, Thu Jan 12 15:44
      • Gia nodded as Sammy agreed to walk with her and supported her with being open to whatever it was that Gia needed to tell her. Gia tried to feel better about telling her now but the nerves were only... more
        • Zero part of this is ominous! Weee!!Sammy, Tue Jan 17 01:58
          She seemed really nervous about saying whatever it was she wanted to say, and that made Sammy actually super buckle down into Serious Mode™. Gia wasn’t usually particularly hesitant, so this had to... more
          • That's good to hear!Gia, Tue Jan 17 18:50
            Gia was not sure what she expected to happen after she admitted to Sammy that she was both interested in girls and guys, but she did not expect the high pitched squealing sound that emitted from her... more
            • Everything about this is good!Sammy, Thu Jan 19 00:14
              Gia asked her not to say anything, and Sammy nodded seriously. Just because she herself was open with her sexuality didn’t mean everybody else who struggled with it would be, and she would never... more
              • Some of it, not allGia, Thu Jan 19 18:03
                Gia found herself surprised that Laila knew about Sammy’s sexual orientation. She had thought that Sammy had only ever confided in her about it She wasn’t sure why she had thought that, perhaps... more
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