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Well, depending on your feelings, the truth can be ominous.
Mon Jan 16, 2017 14:47

Gia nodded as Sammy agreed to walk with her and supported her with being open to whatever it was that Gia needed to tell her. Gia tried to feel better about telling her now but the nerves were only making her stomach feel queasy and she was shaking a little bit out of fear. The only person who knew what she was like was her brother. Jax had too many secrets of his own to really make any sort of judgement against his sister for having feelings for both genders, but they were very close and they had always maintained an open and honest relationship. As long as she was happy, she knew her brother would be happy for her. And, ultimately, she knew that to be true of her mother too, but she was not quite ready to cross that bridge just yet.

She struggled for a moment to try to work out exactly what it was that she wanted to tell Sammy. She hadn’t given that much thought. She only forced herself to at least admit that she needed to tell Sammy at all. This was far more complicated than she really thought it should be and since it was Sammy, who had already opened up to her about her own attractions; this really shouldn’t be difficult at all. But Gia found herself freezing up over it and she didn’t understand way. She could say it in her head just fine but the idea of saying it out-loud was causing her conflict.

She found a bench and took a seat on it, patting the spot beside her for her friend to take. Gia was quiet for a moment, still working out what she had to say. “There is something that I have recently discovered over the last year about myself that I have not been open about.” Gia started, not looking at Sammy but rather, looking at her hands that were fidgeting in her lap. “I do not like having secrets with you and this one I should have said to you sooner.” She admitted, still feeling her stomach doing back flops.

“I was dating someone over the summer.” Gia suddenly said and looked up at Sammy. “Her name is Phoebe.” There, she said it. She admitted that she had been dating a girl. “We’re just friends now, but it was a wonderful summer. I meant to tell you about her, but…” Gia trailed off for a moment before continuing. “I was confused because I also like men and I did not know how to handle that part of myself. Or know how others would accept it. But I didn’t want to keep that hidden from you because you are my best friend.”

  • For obvious reasons, Sammy only knew where the entrance to one Common Room was located, but even without knowing the others, she was confident that Pecari’s was the coolest. She adored the Gardens... more
    • Well, depending on your feelings, the truth can be ominous. — Gia, Mon Jan 16 14:47
      • Zero part of this is ominous! Weee!!Sammy, Tue Jan 17 01:58
        She seemed really nervous about saying whatever it was she wanted to say, and that made Sammy actually super buckle down into Serious Mode™. Gia wasn’t usually particularly hesitant, so this had to... more
        • That's good to hear!Gia, Tue Jan 17 18:50
          Gia was not sure what she expected to happen after she admitted to Sammy that she was both interested in girls and guys, but she did not expect the high pitched squealing sound that emitted from her... more
          • Everything about this is good!Sammy, Thu Jan 19 00:14
            Gia asked her not to say anything, and Sammy nodded seriously. Just because she herself was open with her sexuality didn’t mean everybody else who struggled with it would be, and she would never... more
            • Some of it, not allGia, Thu Jan 19 18:03
              Gia found herself surprised that Laila knew about Sammy’s sexual orientation. She had thought that Sammy had only ever confided in her about it She wasn’t sure why she had thought that, perhaps... more
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