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Zero part of this is ominous! Weee!!
Tue Jan 17, 2017 01:58

She seemed really nervous about saying whatever it was she wanted to say, and that made Sammy actually super buckle down into Serious Mode™. Gia wasn’t usually particularly hesitant, so this had to be big. But Sammy sat beside her on the bench and let her think about it for a minute. No rush, no pressure.

“There is something that I have recently discovered over the last year about myself that I have not been open about.” Okay, good. There she was, getting started, hopefully the knots in her stomach Sammy knew had to be there beginning to unwind. She listened carefully, slowly, listening to every word Gia had to offer. “I do not like having secrets from you and this one I should have said to you sooner.” This was it. Sammy held her breath.

“I was dating someone over the summer.”


“Her name is Phoebe.”


Sammy didn’t interrupt, knowing how important this conversation was to Gia, how many times she had probably rehearsed this speech in her head. Coming out was a huge deal a lot of the time, especially when you didn’t grow up around any of the LGBTQ+ alphabet soup to look to and recognize how normal it really was. A lot of kids were alienated. They didn’t have the benefits Sammy had from her two moms. Nobody gave a crap in her house what were in the pants of your lover, but for whatever gross reason, other people in other places did.

When Gia was done, Sammy screamed. But, like, a good scream. A high pitch, happy scream. “Gia! I’m so proud of you! This is great!” Sammy leaped to her feet and pulled Gia up with her, wrapping her up in a great big hug while she jumped up and down. But she stopped jumping suddenly, realizing how overwhelming that might be for her little baby bisexual friend. (Or pansexual. Or omnisexual. Whatever, labels were up to Gia, but she was some form of plurisexual and that was the point.)

“This is great,” she repeated, her tone more serious. She held her hands on both of Gia’s shoulders. “Coming out and figuring it out can be super hard and super scary. I mean I’ve known I was queer as pineapple” - not the word that Sammy used, but an appropriate stand-in - “since, like, the day I was born, but this can be a really scary and really hard conclusion to come to. So I mean it. I am really, really happy for you and proud of you.”

  • Gia nodded as Sammy agreed to walk with her and supported her with being open to whatever it was that Gia needed to tell her. Gia tried to feel better about telling her now but the nerves were only... more
    • Zero part of this is ominous! Weee!! — Sammy, Tue Jan 17 01:58
      • That's good to hear!Gia, Tue Jan 17 18:50
        Gia was not sure what she expected to happen after she admitted to Sammy that she was both interested in girls and guys, but she did not expect the high pitched squealing sound that emitted from her... more
        • Everything about this is good!Sammy, Thu Jan 19 00:14
          Gia asked her not to say anything, and Sammy nodded seriously. Just because she herself was open with her sexuality didn’t mean everybody else who struggled with it would be, and she would never... more
          • Some of it, not allGia, Thu Jan 19 18:03
            Gia found herself surprised that Laila knew about Sammy’s sexual orientation. She had thought that Sammy had only ever confided in her about it She wasn’t sure why she had thought that, perhaps... more
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