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Ayla Tremaine
Belated Gifting (Tag Victor!)
Wed Jan 18, 2017 01:03

The second half of term seemed to be zooming by. Ayla figured it was due to the fact that Milo was coming to school soon. She barely had 10 months of life under her belt before he was born. Why should school be any different? Between clubs, class, and fair stuff, Ayla had fallen a little behind when it came to one on one time with her friends, and she wanted to deliver their Christmas gifts (albeit a little late) in person. She'd have to do better next term, but for now, she was just happy to finally have found some time for the people she was closest to at Sonora.

She'd sent a message to Victor asking him to meet her by the entryway to the gardens. They'd talked about exploring the labyrinth together earlier in the year, and since Ayla had chosen an appropriately adventurous gift for the Crotalus boy, it seemed as good a time as ever to do so. She'd wrapped it in red, of course, with a silver ribbon and held it behind her back as she paced in front of the door to the school.

She liked Victor, a lot. He wasn't as butterfly inducing as Louis for sure, but he was fun, handsome and definitely more approachable. When Ayla was out shopping for gifts with her mom, they'd stopped inside a jewelry store to pick up something for Kit when she spotted it. It was a silver compass, but it was enchanted to point you in the direction of wherever you wanted to go, so you couldn't get lost. Not that Victor would, of course, but it might be helpful. It also had the potential to point you towards who you were looking for, given that they were within a 5 mile radius and there weren't any charms in place protecting them from you. The compass spoke to her, and even if it was a little fancier than the average gift given to a boy by a 12 year old. If she was going to be adventuring with him though, she figured a little insurance wouldn’t be the worst idea.

After a few minutes of pacing, Ayla began to worry whether Victor had received her message or not. Then she heard footsteps coming towards her, and she lit up.

“Hi!” She said with a dimpled grin. “I’m so happy you could make it!"

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